Review: SWISS Boeing 777 Business Class (Bulkhead + Throne) Los Angeles to Singapore (via Zurich)

Flight no.LAX-ZRH: LX 41,
AircraftBoeing 777-300ER
Seat no.LAX-ZRH: 4A (Bulkhead + Throne),
ZRH-SIN: 14A (Throne)
CostIDR 18.8 million (US$1,255)
Flight durationLAX-ZRH: 10.5 hours,
ZRH-SIN: 12 hours

These SWISS flights were booked through an error fare.

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How to fly in SWISS Boeing 777 Bulkhead “Throne” Business Class?

What are Bulkhead seats?

Bulkhead seats are those that are located at the front of the cabin. Depending on the airline and aircraft type, these seats sometimes offer more legroom and/or storage space.

Bulkhead seats usually cost an additional fee to pre-select, but they can usually be selected for free around 2 to 4 days prior to the flight.

What are “Throne” seats?

“Throne” seats are found in business class cabins with staggered seating arrangements of 1-2-1-2 …and so on. These solo seats got its unofficial name as they (kind-of) look like thrones.

They offer better privacy and more storage space, compared to other seats in the same cabin.

How to choose Bulkhead “Throne” seats

There are only 10 Bulkhead seats and 12 Throne seats in SWISS Boeing 777 Business Class cabins. Of those, 2 seats (4A, 7A) belong in both categories!

Also, take note that seats in row 11 have a missing window.

As these seats are popular among passengers in the know, be sure to select them as early as soon as they are available!

SWISS Boeing 777-300ER seat map with Business Class seats (Image: Aerolopa)

How to book SWISS Business Class with Miles

Travellers can book SWISS Business Class seats with miles from partner Frequent Flyer Programs like KrisFlyer, EVA Air Infinity MileageLands and Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles, which can be earned through the best travel/rewards credit cards in Singapore.

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Prior to take-off, I was greeted and offered a beverage of choice.

Pre-flight champagne

SWISS Boeing 777 Bulkhead + Throne Business Class seat

The posh-looking seats are laid out in a 1-2-2 and 2-2-1 cabin configuration. They can be transformed into fully-flat beds which are soft and comfortable.

However, I found the seats’ width a little too narrow in the sleeping position, especially around the shoulders and feet.

There are no privacy screens or doors attached to the seats but these single throne seats offer better privacy.

I flew in a non-bulkhead throne seat on the second flight to Singapore and found that it had slightly less storage and foot space.

SWISS Boeing 777 bulkhead throne Business Class seat
SWISS Boeing 777 bulkhead throne Business Class seat
SWISS Boeing 777 bulkhead throne Business Class seat
Leg room
Foot well
Storage area
Bottled water and clothes hanger

The bulkhead throne seats come with plenty of storage areas!

Storage area under the monitor
Smaller storage area under the monitor in a non-bulkhead throne seat
Storage area
Storage area
Storage area
Universal power port
Media and seat controls
More seat controls
Unbranded noise-cancelling headphones

Amenity kits

Business Class passengers on a long haul SWISS flight receive a Victorinox amenity kit which includes eye shades, socks and dental kit.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t include branded amenities like what other airlines offer in business class.

The amenity kit on my first flight from Los Angeles to Zurich came in a unique aluminium case, but the one on the following flight to Singapore came in a (boring) soft pouch.

Victorinox amenity kit LAX-ZRH
Victorinox amenity kit ZRH-SIN


Dining in SWISS Business Class was a good experience. Meals were delicious, although plating could be improved.

Los Angeles to Zurich

Seared salmon with confit garlic butter, mashed potato and braised mustard greens
Seared tuna with cucumber, radish and ponzu salsa, avocado and edamame purée
Caramel delight
Breakfast selection

For breakfast, passengers can choose from a range of continental dishes.

Breakfast menu (LAX-ZRH)
Dinner menu (LAX-ZRH)

Zurich to Singapore


My ratings

This is how I am rating my Business Class experience (vs other airlines):

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Bottom line

SWISS Business Class is a strong product with good seats, service and dining experience. Oddly, it is much better than Lufthansa Business Class, even though both airlines are owned by the same parent company, Lufthansa Group.

Aim for one of those Bulkhead+Throne seats on your next SWISS Business Class flight!

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