Great Deal: Get 3,000 Hyatt points every 2 nights, from your second stay


World of Hyatt is running a global offer that will begin right after the current targeted offers end.

World of Hyatt Bonus Journeys

  • Register by 30 April 2023
  • Earn 3,000 bonus points every 2 nights, from your second stay
  • Check out between 20 March and 26 May 2023
  • Valid for stays at all World of Hyatt properties
  • Earn a maximum of 45,000 bonus points during the promotion period (30 nights)
  • Award stays count
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Is this a good offer?

Fixed-points offers are great for cheaper properties and not as rewarding for pricier ones (unlike the previous spend-based global offer).

This offer is fantastic for off-peak award stays in Category 1 World of Hyatt sweet spots!

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Stay at Story Hotel Signalfabriken with as little as 2,000 points with this offer (read my review)

Take full advantage of this offer

While this offer applies to both cash and award stays, the real deal lies with the latter as you can get 1,500 points back for each night and pay as little as 2,000 points nett per night at Category 1 properties.

If you do not already have Hyatt points at the moment, you can currently purchase them at 1.92 cents (USD) each. 2,000 points will only cost you US$38.40!

Some great Category 1 properties include Grand Hyatt Bali, Hyatt Regency Bali, Alila Bangsar Kuala Lumpur and Story Hotel Studio Malmo.

Huge beach connected to Grand Hyatt Bali (read my review)
World of Hyatt sweet spots

Bottom line

This great offer gives members the opportunity to stay in great Hyatt properties for as little as US$38.40 per night. Just keep in mind that the bonus points can only be earned from your second stay.

It’s been a year since Hyatt’s last award category change and it may be coming very soon. This is possibly your last chance to snag these severely underpriced award rates at some properties!

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