Review: sleep ‘n fly Sleep Lounge Doha Hamad Airport (South Node)

Opening hours24 hours
Time of visit4pm
Date of visitSeptember 2022
LocationAirside, near B gates
Entry typeFree via Priority Pass
(from Citi Prestige Mastercard)

During my ~20-hour transit time in Doha airport, I spent most of the time in Al Mourjan Business Lounge and 3 hours in this sleep ‘n fly Sleep Lounge.

How to access this lounge

Only Single FlexiSuites in the sleep ‘n fly Sleep Lounge are available to Prority Pass members. I was able to book a sleep pod for myself, and another one for my partner with the complimentary lounge benefit that comes with the Citi Prestige Mastercard.

I was told that Priority Pass guests are not allowed to pre-book a stay, even if it is done in-person.

Guests without complimentary access may also pay the following rates:

Price list of single pods
Price list of double pods
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Maximum stay duration with Priority Pass

With Priority Pass, guests can stay a maximum of 2 or 3 hours, depending on the stay period.

The Sleep Lounge only has 24 of those Single FlexiSuites and I was told that it is difficult to book one during the super peak hours of Doha Airport.

My partner and I stayed for 3 hours from 4pm to 7pm for a good nap.

Stay periodMax. stay
10pm till 12 noon2 hours
12 noon till 10pm3 hours

Getting to the lounge

The sleep ‘n fly Sleep Lounge is located in the transit area, near the B gates. Because of the small walkway leading up to the lounge, it can be easily missed.

During my visit, it was located beside Loro Piana. Of course, this may change in future, depending on tenency agreement.

Click here to view the map of the Duty Free area of Hamad International Airport.

Small walkway leading to the lounge
Entrance to the lounge

Single FlexiSuite

The Single FlexiSuite is well-designed to include storage space, a television, a table and switches and ports within reach.

Guests are also given a Snooze Kit with ear plugs, eye shades and socks.

However, I the bed was pretty hard, and it reminded me of the beds on Singapore Airlines First Class Suites (not a good thing).

In-house guests may also pay US$20 to use the shower.

Single FlexiSuite
Single FlexiSuite
Storage area
Seat and temperature controls
Power and USB ports
Light switch
Work desk
Cup holders
Snooze kit with ear plugs, eye shades and socks
Door lock

Top complimentary amenities

  • WiFi
  • Nap rooms

My ratings

Peace & Quiet9/10
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Bottom line

The sleep ‘n fly Sleep Lounge is great for a short rest or nap. It can be very useful for travellers with complimentary Priority Pass access who have just arrived from a long haul flight.

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