Review: Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Lounge (South) Doha Hamad Airport

Opening hours24 hours
Time of visitAll day
Date of visitSeptember 2022
Occupancy~5% to 100%
LocationAirside, South Terminal,
beside Harrods Tea Room
Entry typeFree with Qatar Airways
Business Class
boarding pass

After multiple date changes on my Qatar Airways ticket, I ended up with a flight itinerary that includes about 20 hours of transit time each way.

I would have loved to leave the airport and stay in the World of Hyatt sweet spot, Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha. However, Qatar still required COVID testing at that time and I didn’t want to risk testing positive and jeopardizing my New Zealand trip.

I also visited the sleep ‘n fly and Al Maha lounges (reviews coming soon) while I was there.

How to access Al Mourjan Lounge (South)

Al Mourjan Business Lounge is available for Business Class passengers departing on a Qatar Airways or oneworld flight.

If you are departing on a Qatar Airways flight in Economy, you may purchase lounge access at the entrance for QAR 450 (US$124).

oneworld Sapphire/Emerald passengers who are departing in Economy Class will not have access to this lounge and will be directed to a separate Business/First Class lounge.

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Al Mourjan Lounge (South)

Getting there

Al Mourjan Business Lounge is located a little off the main concourse of the South terminal, next to Harrods Tea Room.

Look for signs to Al Mourjan lounge and take the long escalator up.

When the occupancy level is high, lounge staff may scan guests’ boarding passes at the foot of the escalators.

Click here to view the map of the Duty Free area of the South Terminal in Hamad International Airport.

View of the escalators, from the lounge
Check-in area

General areas

This gigantic lounge has a total floor area of about 10,000 square meters and looks like a mini airport terminal!

Unfortunately, you can’t get any view of the runway from this lounge. There are some sections of the lounge with natural light though.

View from the entrance
Lounging area and restaurant on the upper floor
Lounging area
Lounging area
Lounging area
Lounging area with better privacy
Lounging area near the Business Center
Locker room

Best areas to nap/sleep

As I had about 20 hours layover each way, my partner and I had to figure out the best spots to nap/sleep.

There is a Quiet Area with 12 rooms, equipped with sofas and televisions. Guests can book one of these rooms and stay for as long as 4 hours each time, at no charge. However, it is quite impossible to get one of these rooms during the super peak periods.

These felt more like living rooms than bedrooms as it is not easy to get comfortable for a proper sleep on the sofa, especially for the 2 of us.

Nap room

However, we found an arrangement that allowed both of us to sleep more comfortably! Take note that not all rooms have the long sofa as some only come with 2 of the small couches.

Nap room (2 guests sleeping configuration)
Storage area and clothes hanger
Rules in the nap room

Unfortunately, the Quiet Area is located right next to the Showers, where it can get pretty noisy with guests dragging their luggages and talking loudly to the staff.

There is also a large window with natural light that keeps the rooms bright during the day.

Prepare ear plugs and eye shades for a more comfortable rest!

Natural light in the Quiet Area

There are also 2 areas with private pods where guests can take naps.

The first one is located near the entrance and locker room. This one can get very noisy as it is very close to outside areas of the lounge, where passengers are walking/running around to catch their next flights.

Rest area near the entrance
Rest area near the entrance

Another one is located near the Business Center. This area is a lot quieter, especially if you can get a pod near the far end. Some of them are even equipped with power ports.

As this area gets pretty bright in the day, it is also a good idea to have eye shades handy.

Rest area near the business center


Guests can book a shower room. However, the waiting time may be as long as 30 minutes during the super peak hours.

Shower room
Diptyque bath products
Diptyque lotion and hand wash

Business Center

There is a large business center with many computers and enough printers for guests to use.

Food and drinks are not allowed in here.

Business Center

Game room

Guests can also unwind in the game rooms.

Game room
Race car in the game room
Game room

Kids room

Kids room


The restaurant is located on the upper floor. To get there, you may use the grand spiral staircase or a lift.

The restaurant itself is bigger than many airport lounges that I have been in!

Stairs to the restaurant
View of the spiral stairs from the restaurant
Restaurant seating
Restaurant seating
Restaurant seating
Alcohol and sushi bar
View of the lounge, from the restaurant

À la carte

Guests may order food from the à la carte menu. Food quality is very good but the menu is a little small.

If you are in the mood for some sushi, you may also order them near the bar.

Like what travellers get onboard Qatar Airways Business and First Class, food presentation is excellent in this restaurant.

Pan-grilled salmon with tomato basil sauce
Beef tenderloin steak with Pommery mustard sauce
Sushi from the sushi bar
Sushi from the sushi bar

Here’s the à la carte menu at Al Mourjan Business Lounge



The buffet spread is extensive and food quality is good too.

There is also a bar area where you can order any drink you want.

Hot dishes from the buffet during breakfast hours
Hot dishes from the buffet
Hot dishes from the buffet
Cod from the buffet
Beef steak from the buffet
Cold cuts
Pastries section


There is also a cafe on the opposite end of the lounge, offering lighter food like sandwiches and salads.

More seats at the cafe

WiFi speed

The lounge does not have its own WiFi network but guests can connect to the airport’s main network.

The WiFi speed was great during my stay but I had to re-login once every few hours.

WiFi speed at Al Mourjan Business Lounge Doha

Best and Worst times to visit Al Mourjan Business Lounge

Lounge occupancy can play a big part in your overall experience, especially after a longhaul flight.

After spending about 40 hours in the lounge during my roundtrip journey, I found that there are 2 very busy periods when most Qatar Airways flights depart back-to-back, presumably to arrive at the destinations at ideal times.

The super peak periods are 5.30am till 8am and 10.30pm till 2am. Using the lounge during these periods can make you dislike it as it has the tranquillity of a wet market! During these periods, waiting times for the shower can stretch over 30 minutes and even the restaurant has a waiting list.

The best time to enjoy the lounge is from 8am till noon and 2am till 5.30am, when you can almost have the entire place to yourself.

Flight itinerary that avoids the super peak hours

Top complimentary amenities

  • WiFi
  • Drinks (incl. alcoholic)
  • Hot food
  • Shower
  • Computers (with printer)
  • Nap rooms
  • Game room
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My ratings

Peace & Quiet8/10

Bottom line

This massive lounge is a lovely place to relax in, if you are able to avoid the super peak hours. If a quiet time at the lounge is important to you, try to plan your flight itinerary to transit in Doha at better timings and aim for those hidden sleep pods!

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  1. Mario Lopez and his staff were very friendly and helpful . All the food and drinks were delicious and the sushi bar was amazing. Will definitely use the Al Mourjan lounge again on our next trip overseas.


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