Review: Singapore Airlines Suites Frankfurt to Singapore

Flight numberSQ 25
Airplane typeAirbus A380
Seat number1F
Cost125,000 miles + EUR 108.49
(including flight from
Singapore to Jakarta
Date of flightJune 2022

How I booked this ticket

This one-way Suites Class ticket was booked with 125,000 Singapore Airlines Krisflyer miles + EUR 108.49 in taxes/fees.

Krisflyer’s pre-devaluation award chart stated that you require as little as 125,000 (now 141,000) miles for this route. However, if you are in the Miles game long enough, you’ll know that it is pretty much impossible to get one of those “Saver” rates for Suite Class to/from Europe without waitlisting.

However, I shared in a previous article about the rare opportunity to book these seats at the preferred rate, for up to 2 passengers per flight!

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As a bonus, I booked an onward flight to Jakarta in First Class with a 24 hours layover in Singapore; only because it costs exactly the same as a trip ending in Singapore! This allowed me to catch some sleep at home and more time in the First Class lounges in Singapore.

This Suites/First Class itinerary typically costs around US$7,500.

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How to fly Singapore Airlines Suites

Singapore Airlines Suites Class seat can only be found in the airline’s Airbus A380 aircrafts and there are 12 of them at the moment.

At the time of writing, Singapore Airlines is scheduled to fly its Airbus A380s between Singapore and the following destinations only:

New Delhi58,50098,000
New York
(via Frankfurt)

Before the pandemic, Singapore Airlines flew A380s to cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Zurich and Auckland. As borders around the world continue to re-open, look out for new routes to these cities in the next year or so.

How to find Singapore Airlines Suites award space

Singapore Airlines Suites can be booked with Krisflyer miles (on and sometimes with Alaska miles.

As mentioned above, it is almost impossible to find Suites award space with “Saver” rates on long haul flights. This means that realistically, you will be looking at redeeming 225,500 miles for a one way Suites flight to/from Europe. And at the moment, even this rate requires waitlisting!

Let’s look at the pros and cons of this seat/experience and I’ll share the best ways to redeem Krisflyer miles for it at the end of the article.


Shortly after boarding, I was offered a beverage of choice.

Dom Pérignon Vintage 2008 Champagne
Dom Pérignon Vintage 2008 Champagne

Singapore Airlines Suites

Singapore Airlines first introduced these Suites in 2017, along with a new Business Class product.

There are only 6 seats in the Suites Class cabin, located at the front of the upper deck. Seats 1A + 2A and 1F + 2F can be combined to form double beds.

Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 Suites Class seat map

When it comes to space, nothing beats Singapore Airlines Suites. They truly look and feel like private rooms in the sky.

As far as I know, there is only one other airline that has an A380 cabin with one single aisle. That airline is Etihad.

Seats 1A and 2A
Seat 1F
Seat 1F
Seat 2F
View from the seat
Seat and TV controls under the armrest
Lighting and TV controls
USB, HDMI and power sockets
Bang & Olufsen headphones
Lighted mirror and storage area

Double beds

There is no doubt that it is ultra luxurious to have this much personal space and separate seat and bed while flying.

However, I found the bed uncomfortably hard. It wasn’t a major issue for us as the flight departed at around noon and we spent the entire 12-hour flight awake.

Double bed in Singapore Airlines Suites
Double bed in Singapore Airlines Suites
Double bed in Singapore Airlines Suites

Amenity kit and pyjamas

Singapore Airlines passengers flying long haul in First Class receive a set of Lalique amenity kit and pyjamas.

There are 3 types of amenity kits to choose from: unisex, male or female. If you are not given an option, you may request for one of your liking.

Depending on the type of amenity kits you choose, they contain Lalique skincare products like body lotion, lip balm, bar soap, facial mist, hand cream and even a scented candle.

Lalique unisex amenity kit
Contents of Lalique’s unisex amenity kit
Lalique female amenity kit
Contents of Lalique’s female amenity kit

Lalique pyjamas are my favourite among all airline pyjamas that I have tried. They are really comfortable and look great in black.

Lalique pyjamas and slippers
Lalique pyjamas


Catering for flights departing Frankfurt is known to be poor. The Book the Cook (BTC) menu looked unbelievably boring that I ended up deciding to order something from the in-flight menu instead.

I booked a BTC meal for the next flight from Singapore to Jakarta and it was great!


Food quality for lunch was good, except for the main course. The Braised beef was very tough and almost impossible to cut through. After a couple of bites, I sent it back and ordered the Pan Seared Pike Perch, which was just alright.

Chilled Malossol Caviar with Blinis and condiments
Chilled Malossol Caviar with Blinis and condiments
Chilled Malossol Caviar with Blinis and condiments
Country Chicken Consomme with Truffle Raviolli
Braised Beef Short Ribs in Red Wine Sauce
Pan Seared Pike Perch in Winemaker Style with Riesling Sauce
Kai Krapow


Breakfast is always the least exciting meal served on a premium class. And on this flight, I found the food quality to be below average.

I initially ordered Oatmeal Banana Pancakes but those tasted awful and the grey-ish slices of banana attached to the bottom looked very unappetizing. I don’t want to spoil the appearance of this page but if you really want to look at those grey slices of bananas, click here.

I shared how I felt about the dish to a flight attendant. She felt sorry for it and asked if I wanted to have eggs instead, and I did.

Sliced fruits
Blackberry yoghurt bowl
Oatmeal banana pancakes
Scrambled eggs
Seafood Congee

Inflight menu

Here’s the in-flight dining menu:


Book the Cook menu

Here are the Book the Cook menus:

Lunch menu
Breakfast menu
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Consistent with my previous experiences in Singapore Airlines Business and First Class, service was fantastic throughout the flight. Flight attendants were prompt in asking if I need top-ups on my drinks and also in preparing and serving my meals one course at a time.

I made this booking as a birthday surprise for my partner and informed a flight attendant about it. He was quick to suggest that they could whip out a surprise cake for her!

The team even threw in Singapore Airlines poker cards, teddy bears, a handwritten card and served the cake with some dry ice for some smoky effect!

Cake with pistachios
Birthday card


There are 2 restrooms in the Suites cabin. The one on the starboard side (right) is larger than the adjacent one. I thought they were elegantly designed and furnished.

Larger restroom
Toilet area
Larger restroom (reversed angle)
Lalique amenities
Smaller restroom
Smaller restroom (reversed angle)

Onboard WiFi

First/Suites Class passengers get unlimited WiFi throughout the flight. However, the WiFi speed was bad; only good enough for texting.

WiFi speed onboard Singapore Airlines Airbus A380

Airport lounge access

Flying Singapore Airlines First/Suites Class from Frankfurt gets you access to the Lufthansa Senator Lounge B in Frankfurt and The Private Room upon arrival in Singapore.

Lufthansa Senator Lounge B in Frankfurt Airport (read my review)

Best ways to fly Singapore Airlines Suites

As shared above, Singapore Airlines currently fly its Suites to the following cities.

If you are looking to redeem Krisflyer miles for a once in a lifetime experience, you may want to consider the following, for more value:

  1. Longer flight duration (>5 hours)
  2. Non red-eye flight (as the bed is not comfortable)
  3. Flight departing Singapore (for better food)
  4. Saver rate


Saver: 141,000 miles
Advantage: 225,500 miles
Flight duration: 12+ hours

Unfortunately, aside from the rare opportunity that we had last year, it is pretty much impossible to find Saver rates for Suites to/from European cities. As unique as the Suites experience is, I feel that it is really poor value to redeem over 225k miles for it. As of now, even Advantage rates require waitlisting on most dates.

SQ A380 flights from Singapore to Europe all depart at around midnight. Those departing London and Frankfurt depart at around noon, if you want to stay awake throughout the flight.


Saver: 93,500 miles
Advantage: 155,000 miles
Flight duration: 7+ hours

Like the European cities, it is also nearly impossible to find Saver rates to/from Sydney.

However, it is fairly easy to find Advantage rates (without waitlisting) between Singapore and Sydney, if you are able to plan months ahead.

As the flight from Sydney to Singapore departs at around 4pm and arrive in Singapore in the evening, I feel that this is the better way to experience Singapore Airlines Suites between these cities.

New Delhi and Mumbai

Saver: 58,500 miles
Advantage: 98,000 miles
Flight duration: 5+ hours

It is really easy to find Saver award availability between Singapore and these Indian cities. In fact, you can book 2 tickets as soon as tomorrow for just 58.5k miles each!

If you are willing to take the chance with waitlisting, you may even book up to 4 tickets in Suites for these routes at the Saver rate!

You will not receive amenity kits for these medium-haul flights but for the amount of miles that you save, who cares?! Get it for just S$30 from Carousell if you really want one. 😉

These routes tick all the boxes and to me, they are the best ways to fly in Singapore Airlines Suites.

My ratings

This is how I am rating my First/Suites Class experience (vs other airlines):


Bottom line

Meals out of Frankfurt were not great and I wish that the bed is more comfortable. All things considered, it was a great Saver redemption on Singapore Airlines Suites and booking 2 seats at this rate felt like a bargain!

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  1. Hi, could i know if any of these suite/first/business class serve halal food that is presented and cooked as its class, or is it just the same economy prepacked food for all classess.


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