Great Deal: Get Double Elite Nights on Hilton stays


Hilton Honors has announced a second global promotion that will run back to back with the other one, till 31 Dec 2022.

Key points to note

  • Registration is required
  • Get Double Elite Nights to count towards status qualification and/or rollover towards 2023
  • Valid for stays completed between 11 Oct and 31 Dec 2022
  • Stays booked before registration will count
  • Stack with the other offer to get 2X points on paid stays and 2,000 bonus points for weekday checkouts
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Hilton’s 2022 Status Requirements

Because of the pandemic, Hilton Honors announced last year that it will reduce its 2022 status requirements.

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Here’s a quick look at what is required to maintain/qualify for a Hilton status in 2022:

2022 w/ Double
Elite Nights
Gold40 nights
or 20 stays
28 nights
or 14 stays
14 nights
Diamond60 nights
or 30 stays
42 nights
or 21 stays
21 nights

Rollover nights

A great benefit of the Hilton Honors program is that any excess nights, that you earn in a particular year, that is not used towards status qualification, will be rolled over to the following year.

The rollover nights will make it easier for members to maintain/qualify for an Elite status on the following year.


With this offer, Hilton Honors members can also reach milestones faster this year. However, because of the poor value of Hilton points, there is nothing exciting here, other than the 60-night milestone.

Milestones of Hilton, Marriott and Hyatt

Status Gifting

In 2022, members can gift Gold status after 40 nights and Diamond status after 70 nights.

With this offer, you will be able to reach these levels easier.


Bottom line

Nobody does global promotions as consistently good as Hilton Honors! (okay, maybe GHA Discovery too)

Personally, I have not found any reason to stay in Hilton hotels this year, since checking out of a 2-month stay in HGI Bali in January. This is because of Marriott Bonvoy‘s great footprint with better quality hotels and benefits, as well as Hyatt’s incredible list of award sweet spots.

But maybe this is a good excuse to return to Bali for 21 nights!

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