Review: Lufthansa Senator Lounge B Frankfurt Airport

Opening hours6am to 9.30pm
Time of visit10am
Date of visitJune 2022
LocationAirside, near Gate B43 (non-Schengen)
Entry typeFree with Singapore Airlines Suites Class
boarding pass

How to access this lounge

I visited this lounge before my Singapore Airlines Suites Class flight from Frankfurt to Singapore (review coming soon).

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Only passengers flying in First Class with a Star Alliance airline or with Star Alliance Gold status can access this exclusive lounge.

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The lounge

Getting there

The entrance to Lufthansa Senator Lounge B is located near gate B43. There is a staff checking boarding passes of visitors at the bottom entrance and another one at the proper entrance upstairs.

Entrance to Lufthansa Senator Lounge B (near Gate B43)
Escalator to the lounge
Entrance to the check-in area of Lufthansa Senator Lounge B

General areas

The lounge is large but the low ceiling takes away some First Class “luxury” from the overall experience. I spent most of my visit in the lounging area at the back that has a good view of the apron.

Dining area
Lounging area
Lounging area
Non-universal power plugs at every seat
Bar area

Visitors flying in Lufthansa’s First Class has a special area to hang out in. There was hardly any separation from the other areas of the lounge.

Special area for Lufthansa First Class passengers
Flight information display
Smoking room
Business center

Spa and wellness

The spa area houses showers and a shared nap room that are free to use. The showers can be booked in-person.

Visitors can also pay for spa treatments and a 10-minute massage starts at EUR 15 (US$15).

Entrance to the spa area
Shower room
Shower room
Bath products
Massage promotion
Nap room (shared)


Unlike what you get in other better First Class lounges, food in Lufthansa Senator Lounge B are served as a buffet.

Food varierty and quality was quite disappointing;, not much difference from what you would get in Priority Pass lounges.

There was a selection of wines but no champagne was available.

Hot food
Cold cuts
Oats and cereals
Beers on tap

WiFi speed

The WiFi speed was fantastic during my visit.

WiFi speed at Lufthansa Senator Lounge B Frankfurt Airport

Top complimentary amenities

  • WiFi
  • Drinks (including alcoholic)
  • Hot food
  • Shower
  • Nap room (shared)

My ratings

Peace & quiet8/10
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Bottom line

In all honesty, Lufthansa Senator Lounge B is probably the most underwhelming First Class lounge that I have been in. I wouldn’t arrive early at the airport just to spend more time here in future. It’s good enough for a couple of drinks and some quick bites.

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