Great Deal: Roundtrip Singapore to Europe on Etihad from S$774 (Apr-Jun Dates)


Etihad is offering promo Economy Class fares for flights from Singapore to selected European cities.

Fares & Destinations

These fares include a 30kg checked baggage allowance and in-flight meals.

Additional note: Thinking of visiting more than 1 country? An open-jaw multi-city booking is also possible for around the same price. For example: Singapore-Milan + Barcelona-Singapore.

Sample booking
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I am seeing these promo fares for travel between April and June 2024, including Singapore’s June school holiday period.

Travellers can browse air fares easily through the calendar view on Google Flights, before completing the booking on the airlineโ€™s official website.


New Abu Dhabi airport terminal

After lengthy delays, Abu Dhabi’s gorgeous new terminal, Terminal A, is now open. All Etihad Airways flights are now flying through Terminal A.

If you’ve travelled through Abu Dhabi’s older terminals, you’ll find that Terminal A is a massive improvement, in terms of space, design and efficiency of the immigration and security areas.

Abu Dhabi’s new Terminal A
Abu Dhabi’s new Terminal A

Best cards for Etihad flight bookings

Travellers can also earn over 3,000 miles with this booking, by using the right credit cards.

Earn 4 miles per dollar with the following cards. Take note of the monthly caps!

UOB Lady’s

Earn 4 mpd on chosen bonus category

๐ŸŽ Sign-up bonus

+ Card Summary

HSBC Revolution

Earn 4 mpd or 2.5% cashback on selected online/contactless spending

๐ŸŽ Sign-up bonus

+ Card Summary

DBS Woman’s World

Earn 4 mpd on online spending

๐ŸŽ Sign-up bonus

+ Card Summary

Bottom line

These are great Economy Class fares for flights from Singapore to European cities, with checked baggage and in-flight meals included.

Travellers may also get further discounts on these fares through certain Online Travel Agencies like For example, Citi cardholders can enjoy $50-off air fares through limited vouchers on Fridays.

1 thought on “Great Deal: Roundtrip Singapore to Europe on Etihad from S$774 (Apr-Jun Dates)”

  1. My wife and I were in the new Terminal in February as first class passengers arriving in the middle of the night and found the lounge pretty awful. First class nap rooms simply don’t exist, and despite the lounges being deserted the business class nap rooms were unavailable, and the first class shower rooms were completely lacking in amenities such as razors, toothbrushes, etc. but simply had towels in the rooms. For first class passengers that was stunningly bad.


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