Great Deal: Get 22% off hotels worldwide on Agoda with Amaze card


Amaze by Instarem is running a great limited-time offer for cardholders.

Key points to note

  • Get 22% discount on selected hotels worldwide with your Amaze card
  • Book on or Agoda’s mobile app (use a Singapore VPN if you are overseas)
  • Discount is capped at S$50 per booking (S$227 spending)
  • Payment has to be made at time of booking. “Pay at hotel” room types do not qualify
  • No registration is required
  • Book by 31 May 2022
  • Stay by 30 Nov 2022
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Finding eligible hotels

Eligible hotels are marked with a “Promo Eligible” label as shown in the screenshot below. Discounts are automatically applied when you have entered your Amaze card details.

How the listing of an eligible hotel looks like

Is Amaze a good card?

Amaze by Instarem is without a doubt the best card in Singapore right now, when linked with the right credit cards. If you don’t already have it, you’ve been missing out big time. Get it now!

For hotel bookings, I recommend linking it to DBS Woman’s World to receive 4 miles per dollar on your first $2,000 monthly spending.

Amaze Card

Suitesmile card rating:


Get 225 InstaPoints
(worth $2.25)

more info

Key benefit

Earn 4 miles per dollar
and 1% cashback
without FX fees

more info

Annual fee

No annual fee

more info

Min. Income

more info

We recommend linking the following
credit cards to your Amaze card:
Citi Rewards
Citi PremierMiles

Why we like this card
With the right credit card linkage, this card is THE BEST for the following categories: Contactless, Online, Foreign Currency and in-person spending in any retail store.

Is this a good deal?

Getting 6% to 10% discounts in Agoda, Expedia or is normal. That’s the minimum discount range that you should be getting for your hotel bookings, all year long, pandemic or not.

Getting 22% instant savings on your hotel bookings is a great deal!

Bottom line

Amaze by Instarem is offering 22% for worldwide hotel bookings on Agoda for most of 2022. If you have travel plans in the coming months, you don’t wanna miss this!

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