Getting Started, Step 4: Earning miles and points through other methods

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Last edited on 15 July 2021

Before you continue reading, please be sure that you have read Step 3: Using the right cards for your spending.

This is a guide on how to earn airline miles through ways other than credit cards.

If you already have the right credit cards for your spending, stack these methods to receive even more miles.

Some of them offer you cashback instead of miles. You should always use a shopping portal for your online purchases, wherever possible. Who doesn’t like free money and miles?!

Like credit card sign-up bonuses that I have discussed in Step 2, shopping portals award special miles or cashback for new users who made their first purchase.

Using shopping portals like these also gives you the opportunity of earning miles of other Frequent Flyer Programs that are not partnering with any Singapore-based credit cards.

Shopping Portals

This site awards miles or points for hotel bookings made through the website. Get 1,000 bonus miles when you sign-up through this link and make your first booking.

Like Kaligo, this site awards miles or points for hotel bookings. However, there is no new-user bonus at the moment.

This site offers cashback on plenty of websites, not just travel-related. Every Singaporean needs to have a Shopback account! Sign-up through this link to get $5 as a new user.

Like Shopback, this website awards cashback only. I use it mainly for foreign stores that are not listed in all the other portals. However, there is no new-user bonus at the moment.

PRO TIP: Visit to check which shopping portals offer the best cashback or rewards on your online purchase.

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Crediting your flights to the right Frequent Flyer Programs

You can rack up a serious amount of miles just by crediting your flights to the right Frequent Flyer Programs.

For example, I get much more miles by crediting my Singapore Airlines flights to Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan. On top of that, Alaska miles do not expire and are worth 29% more than Krisflyer miles!

Please refer to this article that I wrote, to find out more.

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