Getting Started, Step 3: Using the right cards for your spending

Before you continue reading, please be sure that you have read Step 2: Credit card sign-up bonuses.

Now that you have racked up the awesome sign-up bonuses, letโ€™s talk about the ones that should stay in your wallet.

The goal is to receive at least 4 miles for every dollar (4 mpd) that you are spending. To do this, use the right card for each spending category.

As this is a beginnerโ€™s guide, I recommend starting out with just one credit card.

Must-Have credit cards

I see these 4 cards (two debit and two credit) as the absolute best cards in Singapore, to improve your travel experiences.

Earn miles rapidly with the accelerated earn rate of 4 miles per dollar on a wide range of spending categories including online shopping, dining, groceries, flights, hotels, in-person shopping and withdraw cash overseas for free at an exchange rate that is usually better than those from money changers!

Only 1 of these cards come with an annual fee (waived for the first year, ask for a waiver every year after that), making this group of cards perfect for beginners.


Turn offline transactions online and minimize foreign transaction fees

๐ŸŽ Sign-up bonus

+ Card Summary

Citi Rewards

Earn 4 mpd on online spending, except travel-related

๐ŸŽ Sign-up bonus

+ Card Summary

HSBC Revolution

Earn 4 mpd or 2.5% cashback on selected online spending

๐ŸŽ Sign-up bonus

+ Card Summary

Trust Link

Get great rates and unlimited free overseas ATM cash withdrawals

๐ŸŽ Sign-up bonus

+ Card Summary
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Credit Card Management spreadsheet

I have created a Google Spreadsheet to help you keep track of some important information of your credit cards and also to calculate the value of miles and points that you are holding.

Click here to save a copy of the Credit Card Management spreadsheet for your own use.

A section of the Credit Card Management spreadsheet

Letโ€™s now proceed to Step 4: Earning miles and points through other methods.

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