Losing your Hilton Diamond status this year? Get a free one-time extension


Hilton Honors has brought back its Diamond extension program, allowing existing Diamond members to get a free one-time extension of their status.

Who qualifies for Diamond status extension?

To qualify for a free one-time Diamond status extension, a member has to meet all 3 of these conditions:

  • Existing Diamond member, whose status expires on 31 Mar 2024 (did not re-qualify in 2023
  • Had Diamond status for at least 3 years (don’t have to be consecutive)
  • Have at least 250 lifetime nights or 500k base points

Additional note: A Hilton Diamond member may only request for this status extension once in their lifetime.

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How to get a Diamond status extension?

A Hilton Honors member who meets the conditions may request for a one-time extension through this link.

Upon logging in, you would see the result of your request instantly:


Should you get a Diamond status extension?

On paper, Hilton Diamond status checks all the right boxes, when it comes to benefits. Putting it seemingly on par with the likes of Marriott Platinum and Hyatt Globalist.

In reality, however, it is far from great.

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In previous articles, I’ve mentioned that I do not take Hilton’s Diamond status seriously, for the following reasons:

  • Dynamic award pricing allows for constant and quiet award devaluation
  • Hilton Honors is known to give out its statuses too easily
  • Poor breakfast benefits in the US
  • Poor real-world upgrade policy

As a Hilton Diamond member who was losing my status this year, I have requested and received the one-time extension till 31 March 2025, even though I have only stayed in a Hilton hotel once since 2022.

Because, why not? It’s free and easy.

Bottom line

Hilton Honors is offering existing Diamond members a one-time opportunity to extend their status for another year.

While it is a nice gesture, it is another clear reminder not to take Hilton’s statuses too seriously. If I had done a mattress run in December 2023, I wouldn’t be pleased to have wasted the time and money!

When everyone’s a Diamond member, no one’s a Diamond member.

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