SingSaver Best Deal Guarantee: Found a better deal elsewhere? Claim up to 4X the difference in value


This article is brought to you by SingSaver.

For a limited time, SingSaver is offering applicants of selected credit card and insurance products complete peace of mind with a Best Deal Guarantee campaign.

Through this campaign, applicants who find better like-for-like deals elsewhere can receive up to 4 times the difference in value!*

How to qualify?

To qualify, applicants must first apply for any one of the following products through SingSaver (and affiliates like Suitesmile):

  • Credit Card
  • Travel Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Domestic Helper Insurance

Applications must be made between 25 October and 30 November 2023.

*Read the full terms and conditions of SingSaver’s Best Deal Guarantee here.

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How to file a claim?

After applying for a qualifying product, if an applicant finds a better like-for-like offer or price quote, a Best Deal Guarantee claim can be filed through SingSaver.

Here’s how to file a claim:

  • Fill up the form on this page
  • Claims must be filed within 3 days of the application
  • Include your SingSaver application details
  • Include a screenshot and/or link of the better offer that you see elsewhere

Best Deal Guarantee reward

An applicant can receive rewards for successful Best Deal Guarantee claims, based on the difference in value that can be found on a competing website.

Rewards for successful claims will be issued within 16 weeks.

Here’s the breakdown of gifts that you can receive:

Offer / Price Difference*Grab Vouchers
S$0.01 – S$4.99S$10
S$5.00 – S$9.99S$20
S$10 – S$19.99S$40
S$20 – S$49.99S$100
S$50 – S$99.99S$200
>S$100 S$300


For example, say you applied for the CIMB Visa Signature credit card on 20 October 2023 through Suitesmile, which includes the following sign-up bonus that is fulfilled by SingSaver:

🎁 Spend S$988 within 60 days and choose to receive S$350 cash, a Dyson hairdryer or an Apple iPad.

On the following day, you saw a deal on a different website, offering S$400 cash with the same minimum spending requirement.

As this offer on a competing website is S$50 more than the cash offer that you’ve chosen, you can submit a Best Deal Guarantee claim, and proceed to spend at least $988 within 60 days to receive the S$350 cash gift that you’ve opted for.

Upon validation (within 16 weeks), you will receive S$200 worth of Grab vouchers for the successful claim.

Additional reminder: Claims will only be successful if you fulfill the conditions of the SingSaver offer that you’ve applied for.

Bottom line

From now till 30 November 2023, applicants signing up for selected products through SingSaver are promised the best deals, and will be rewarded with Grab vouchers if they find better deals elsewhere.

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