Great Deal: Get 30% off Pelago activities with a Singapore Airlines booking number


Pelago is running a great promotion for Singapore Airlines customers till the end of the year.

What is Pelago?

Pelago by Singapore Airlines is an online platform where travellers can book activities, tours and experiences. Some activities that can be booked on Pelago include theme park tickets, airport transfers, train passes and even food tours.

Yes, it is a little like Klook, although, Klook offers additional services like car rental, hotels and route-specific train tickets.

What Pelago does differently is that it rewards members with KrisFlyer miles for each dollar spent on the platform, as well as the option to redeem KrisFlyer miles for bookings. And because Pelago is a platform by Singapore Airlines, members can often receive additional benefits in the form of discounts and/or bonus KrisFlyer miles for bookings made through it.

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Get 30% off Pelago bookings

From 14 August to 31 December 2023, Pelago members can receive 30% INSTANT discount on Pelago bookings by using their Singapore Airlines booking reference number (PNR).

Yes, you need to have an existing Singapore Airlines booking to qualify for this offer.

Other things to note

  • 30% discount capped at S$35 (S$116.67 spending)
  • Award bookings involving at least 1 Singapore Airlines flight count
  • No minimum spending required
  • Each PNR can only be used once, regardless of the no. of passengers in the booking (see below on how to split your booking!)
  • User’s name in Pelago booking need not match the name in Singapore Airlines booking
  • Exclusions apply (see below)
  • Offer can be utilized for an activity in a city that is different from where your Singapore Airlines flight is flying to/from

๐Ÿ“ Terms and conditions

Excluded products

Not all Pelago activities accept promo codes. Thankfully, there are only 3 excluded products at the moment.

Promo code usage is not allowed on the following Pelago activities:

  1. Universal Studios Japan SUPER NINTENDO WORLDโ„ข
  2. Universal Studios Japan Tickets (Direct Entry) l Studio Pass l Super Nintendo World
  3. Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix 2023

How to get 30% instant discount?

To get 30% discount on your Pelago bookings, choose an activity and head over to the checkout page.

Then, enter your Pelago booking details, click on “Singapore Airlines Promo”, enter your last name and Singapore Airlines booking reference number, and click “Apply”.

Unfortunately, as Pelago does not yet have a “shopping cart”, the offer can only be applied towards one activity, instead of multiple activities to maximize the discount cap.

Inserting Singapore Airlines booking details to get 30% instant discount

How to split existing Singapore Airlines bookings with multiple passengers?

Travellers with an existing Singapore Airlines booking with multiple passengers can get more than 1 PNRs (for 30% off Pelago bookings) by splitting their booking!

I had an upcoming award booking with Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer with 2 passengers and managed to split it into 2 separate bookings for free, within minutes, through the live chat function on Singapore Airline’s website.

Although the live chat agent did not answer my questions regarding the existing seat and Book The Cook selections of each passenger, I found that they are not affected after the booking was split.

Screenshot of live chat with Singapore Airlines chat representative

Get 3 KrisFlyer miles per dollar spent on Pelago

KrisFlyer members can earn uncapped 3 KrisFlyer miles per dollar on Pelago bookings, on top of the miles they can be earned through the credit card. Be sure to enter your KrisFlyer membership number on the booking page!

Miles will be credited within 1 week, upon completion of the Pelago activity.

๐Ÿ“ Terms and conditions

Additional cashback on Pelago through ShopBack?

Members can possibly earn additional cashback by clicking through ShopBack, which currently stands at 5%.

The ShopBack x Pelago page mentions that bookings made with promo codes will not qualify for cashback. However, this 30% offer does not technically require a promo code; just flight bookings details.

Nonetheless, it takes just a few seconds to click through ShopBack; I would take the chance anyway.

New to ShopBack? Get $5 by signing up through my referral link.

Get 10% off your first booking Pelago booking

New members of Pelago can get 10% off their first Pelago booking with promo code PELAGOWELCOME10. Discount is capped at S$10 (S$100 spending).

As this offer does not stack with the 30% offer, consider utilizing this offer first, if you are a new Pelago member.

๐Ÿ“ Terms and conditions


Rebooking an activity that was previously booked on Klook

I’d made a booking for a 1-day pass at Disneyland Tokyo in September on Klook.

As that booking allows free cancellation up to 14 days before the activity, I went ahead and cancel it on Klook and rebooked it on Pelago.

I had paid S$149.80 for 2 tickets on Klook, after a S$10 bank discount. By making 2 separate bookings on Pelago with 30% discount on each booking, I ended up paying S$111.50, saving S$38.30 (25% savings).

Check the cancellation policy on Pelago

However, I noticed that the same activity on Pelago is non-refundable. So, be sure to check the cancellation policy of the activity on Pelago and understand the lack of flexibility before committing.

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Best credit cards for Pelago bookings

If you are based in Singapore, use one of these cards to receive up to 6 miles per dollar on Pelago purchases (MCC 4722).

This is on top of the 3 miles per dollar that you can earn on Pelago by being a KrisFlyer member!

Additional note:

๐Ÿ’กClick on the + Card Summary buttons below to instantly view the key details of each card!

UOB Lady’s

Earn 4 mpd on chosen bonus category

๐ŸŽ Sign-up bonus

+ Card Summary

HSBC Revolution

Earn 4 mpd or 2.5% cashback on selected online/contactless spending

๐ŸŽ Sign-up bonus

+ Card Summary

DBS Woman’s World

Earn 4 mpd on online spending

๐ŸŽ Sign-up bonus

+ Card Summary

Bottom line

Pelago is offering Singapore Airlines travellers 30% discount on activities made through the platform.

Members who have made flight bookings with multiple passengers may split them to receive more than 1 offer on Pelago.

By using the right card, members can receive a whopping 9 miles per dollar on Pelago bookings, on top of the great discount!

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