Yay: UOB Lady’s Cards now open to Male Applicants


UOB Lady’s Cards, previously exclusively available to females, are now accepting male applicants too!

There are 2 versions of this card:

  1. UOB Lady’s Card
  2. UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card

Let’s have a look at the differences between both cards and find out if you should apply for one.

Fees and eligibility

The Solitaire card has a higher annual income requirement and annual fee.

Annual fees on both cards are automatically waived for the first year.

UOB Lady’sS$30,000S$194.40
UOB Lady’s
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Earn rates

Depending on the card version, cardholders can choose 1 or 2 bonus categories where they can earn 6 miles per dollar, up to S$1,000 or S$3,000 per month.

No minimum spend is required to receive the bonus earn rate.

Bonus Cap
(per calendar
UOB Lady’sChoose 1S$1,000
UOB Lady’s
Choose 2S$3,000

Bonus categories

Cardholders can choose/change their preferred bonus categories every quarter.

The 7 bonus categories available are:
1) Beauty & Wellness (e.g. cosmetic stores, hair salons, spas)
2) Fashion (e.g. clothing, shoes stores)
3) Dining (e.g. restaurants, food delivery)
4) Family (e.g. supermarkets, children clothing stores)
5) Travel (e.g. flights, hotels, duty-free stores)
6) Transport (e.g. public transport, taxi, petrol)
7) Entertainment (e.g. bars, night clubs, cinemas)

To check existing selected bonus categories, cardholders can do it by calling UOB.

Is this a Must-Have card?

Earning 6 mpd with no minimum spending requirement is fantastic, so yes! This is definitely a must-have card.

However, cardholders shouldn’t only look at the “mpd” value and consider other factors also.

Miles/Points flexibility

Even with a high earn rate of 6 mpd, one big “issue” remains, for most cards issued by UOB Singapore: There are only 2 Frequent Flyer transfer partners, KrisFlyer and Asia Miles.

If you’ve been accumulating miles long enough, you’ll probably agree that rule number 1 of the Miles Game is flexibility. By having credit card miles/points that can be transferred to many Frequent Flyer Programs, cardholders will have a greater chance of securing an available award seat for their travels.

With just 2 transfer partners and UNI$ that expires in 2 years, these Lady’s Cards do not give you much flexibility.

Bonus category limitation

As shared above, cardholders can only enjoy the earn rate of 6 mpd on 1 or 2 categories that can be chosen every 3 months. So, choose wisely!

Must-Have Cards in Singapore

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Citi Rewards

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UOB Lady’s

Earn 4 mpd on chosen bonus category

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HSBC Revolution

Earn 4 mpd or 2.5% cashback on selected online/contactless spending

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Trust Link

Get great rates and unlimited free overseas ATM cash withdrawals

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What will I use the card for?

For all non-travel expenses in any currency, up to S$1,000 per month, I will continue to use the Amaze + Citi Rewards combo for a lower earn rate of 4 mpd. This gives me the flexibility of having 10 transfer partners, plus points validity of up to 5 years.

Beyond that monthly cap, I would choose the Travel and Dining bonus categories and use the UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card for those categories only. To save on foreign currency fees, I would also pair it to my Amaze card, when transacting in foreign currencies.

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Bottom line

It is great news that UOB Lady’s Cards are now available for male applicants too.

While the 6 mpd earn rate is great, keep in mind the inflexibility of UOB UNI$. The post-COVID award crunch taught us the importance of having flexible miles/points. There is no point in earning miles by the half-dozens, only to redeem them for low-value “Advantage” KrisFlyer award rates.

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