Easy Deal: Get $35 worth of NTUC FairPrice vouchers with a new Trust Link card


What is Trust Link card?

Trust Link credit card is a product of Trust Bank, a newly-launched digital bank backed by Standard Chartered and FairPrice Group.

(Photo: Trust Bank)
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Sign-up bonus

New cardholders can easily get $35 worth of NTUC FairPrice e-vouchers without any actual spending with the following steps:

  1. Download the app on your smartphone (Android, iPhone).
  2. Sign up with referral code V1WB7T8A to get a $10 FairPrice voucher.
  3. Once you have the digital card approved, spend once (any amount) to get a $25 FairPrice Voucher. Hack: Add your Trust Link card to your Grab account. This will trigger a $1 temporary charge on the Trust Link card and also counts as a first spend!
  4. Optional: Share this easy deal with your friends and family using your own referral code to get a $10 FairPrice voucher for each successful referral and a chance to win 1 of 3 Tesla cars! Your referees will get $35 worth of FairPrice vouchers too.

Here are some screenshots of the application process:

Enter referral code V1WB7T8A and proceed with card application
Apply with MyInfo and view digital card details upon approval (approval took about an hour for me)
After making one transaction, view and redeem your FairPrice e-vouchers ($10 and $25) within 4 months

Key benefits of Trust Link card

The Trust Link card has a great sign-up bonus and requires low-maintenance because of the lack of an annual fee.

However, because of the numerous hurdles in place to receive higher earn rates, it is not a rewarding card to use for day-to-day spending and there are much better cards out there.

  1. No annual fee, ever
  2. No foreign transaction fee
  3. Earn 0.22 Linkpoints per dollar (0.22% cashback) on all spending
  4. Earn 0.5 Linkpoints per dollar (0.5% cashback) on FairPrice Group spending
  5. Earn up to 14.5 bonus Linkpoints per dollar (14.5% cashback) on FairPrice Group spending when you spend at least $450 outside FairPrice Group for 3 consecutive months.

T&Cs | FAQs

Bottom line

The new Trust Link card comes with a great sign-up bonus of $35 in supermarket vouchers. Referrers who spread the word are also enrolled into a lucky draw for a chance to win 1 of 3 Tesla cars.

Although I can’t call it one of the best cards in Singapore, this card is worth applying for, because of the easy sign-up bonus and also because there is no annual fee to worry about in future. And who knows? 1 of those Teslas could be yours!

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