Flying soon? Check this Turbulence Map to Improve your in-flight Experiences


In-flight turbulence spoils your in-flight experiences, especially when they happen at the wrong times.

Experiencing Turbulence at the wrong times

I’m sure we have all been on the receiving end of in-flight turbulences at bad timings.

This is usually during meals, as well as nap and bathroom times.

It is also very unsettling for passengers who are afraid of flying, especially when they do not know how long the period of turbulence is going to last.

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Plan your in-flight activities with the Turbulence Map

While some in-flight turbulences are unpredictable, a lot of turbulence areas are very much expected by pilots.

By taking a couple of minutes to check the World Turbulence Map before the flight, a passenger can roughly predict the timings, duration and severity of the turbulence.

World Turbulence Map (Photo: Turbli)

In the example above, there appears to be a rough turbulence area just East of Japan.

If you are flying Eastward, from Japan towards North America, it would be more comfortable to delay your meals or toilet breaks for a couple of hours after take off.

Unless if you are flying with airlines that allow dining-on-demand, meal timings, even in Business Class are fixed. However, in my experience, it is often possible to ask to be served last, or even first, if you order a special meal.

In-flight meals taste better without turbulence!

Some travellers prefer to be lying down/sleeping during rough turbulence periods, while others prefer to be in a seated position, tightly secured with the seat belt. Planning ahead with this turbulence map can help you plan your sleep timings to your liking or prevent uncomfortable, traumatizing shocks for passengers with fear of flying.

Additional note: You can search for Turbulence Maps up to 12 hours from the current time.


Bottom line

The World Turbulence Map has improved my in-flight experiences countless times and I feel that not enough people know about it.

Having a quick look at the turbulence map before your flight can help travellers plan around expected turbulence areas and ease the nerves of travellers who are afraid of flying.

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