Great Deal: Bonus D$50 at GHA Discovery brands new to you, up to 4 times


Earlier today, GHA Discovery members received a notification on their mobile app about another great offer.

Key points to note

  • Registration is required
  • Stay at a hotel brand that you have never experienced
  • Each stay must be a minimum of 2 nights long
  • Book between 16 Sep – 31 Oct 2022
  • Stay and check out between 17 Sep – 30 Nov 2022
  • Earn D$50 up to 4 times (4 stays, D$200 cap)
  • Book directly with the hotel or through GHA Discovery
  • Continue to earn base D$ on your paid stays
  • No minimum spend
  • Bonus D$50 has an expiry term of 6 months

Additional note: D$1 equals US$1. D$ can be used to offset your future spending on GHA Discovery stays and experiences.

I am not sure if stays that are paid with D$ will qualify for this offer as it is not mentioned in the terms and conditions. But my guess is yes!

Offer page and terms and conditions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which brands I can stay at to receive the bonus D$50?
Sign in to your account here or on the GHA DISCOVERY app. Then navigate to the “Membership Details” webpage or “My Card” on the app. The brand where you joined will be shown on your digital membership card. To earn the bonus D$50, you can stay at any of the other brands in our collection. See all our brands here.

What if my digital membership card only shows the GHA DISCOVERY logo (and no other brand logo)?
Good news — you can choose any of the hotel brands in 100+ destinations in our collection that you haven’t experienced before to earn the D$50 bonus.

What if I already have a stay booked? Can I still earn the bonus D$50?
You must have registered for this promotion before check out from any eligible stays and your booking and stay dates must fall within the booking and stay periods indicated above.


Up your game with 2-Player Mode

Take turns with your travel partner to book 2-nights each, if you plan to stay longer in the property.

For example, if the Avani brand is new to you and your partner, you can stay a total of 4 nights in Avani Ao Nang Cliff Krabi Resort by booking 2 nights each to receive D$50 x2 with this promo.

With a second player, you can earn a maximum of D$400 from a total of 8 stays.

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Best cards for hotel bookings

For online/prepaid bookings use one of these cards:

For in-person payments in an overseas hotel, use one of these cards:

Bottom line

GHA Discovery is running another generous offer for members who are staying in brands that are new to them.

Like the previous offer, this is especially amazing for cheaper hotels like the Avani and Outrigger properties in Thailand, where rooms usually sell for less than US$40 per night!


The GHA DISCOVERY “More To Explore” Cross-brand Promotion (the “Promotion”) applies to eligible Cross-Brand stays at all GHA DISCOVERY hotels by GHA DISCOVERY members who have registered for the Promotion prior to their stay. The Promotion allows members to earn a bonus of fifty Promotional DISCOVERY Dollars (D$50) on completed eligible Cross-Brand stays in addition to the Base DISCOVERY Dollars earned on that completed stay.

To take advantage of the Promotion, participants must be a member of the GHA DISCOVERY programme and must have accepted the GHA DISCOVERY programme Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

To participate in the Promotion, members must register for the Promotion within the promotional opt-in period (16 September 2022 – 31 October 2022) prior to their stay by clicking on the “Register” button on the designated website page. Once they are registered as being opted in, members must then make an eligible Cross-Brand booking of two sequential nights or more during the promotional booking period (16 September 2022 – 31 October 2022) and complete the eligible stay related to that booking within the promotional stay period (17 September 2022 – 30 November 2022). The eligible stay must be completed and the member must be checked out on or before 30 November 2022 for Promotional D$ to be awarded. Ongoing stays with a checkout date after 30 November 2022 will not receive Promotional D$ for that stay.

In respect to this Promotion a “Cross-Brand” stay is a stay at any property that is within a brand that differs from the GHA Member Brand with which the member initially enrolled in the GHA DISCOVERY Programme, subject to the clarifications and conditions below.

For example, if a member has enrolled into the GHA DISCOVERY Programme through Kempinski Hotels and then completes a stay at any property of the other GHA Brands, such as Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts or NH Hotels, that stay would be considered Cross-Brand and would be rewarded as a result of the Promotion. However, if that same member stays at another Kempinski branded hotel or resort they would not be eligible for the Promotional D$.

For the purposes of the Promotion and for tier status promotion, the following NH Brands are counted as one single GHA Member Brand and are therefore not Cross-Brand for stays by NH DISCOVERY members: NH Hotels, NH Collection, and nhow Hotels. NH DISCOVERY members would not be rewarded Promotional D$ for staying at these properties.

The list of GHA DISCOVERY Brands that are included in this promotion are listed below: Anantara Hotels, Resorts and Spas; Avani Hotels & Resorts; Araiya Hotels & Resorts; Campbell Gray Hotels; Capella Hotels & Resorts; Corinthia Hotels; Divani Collection Hotels; Doyle Collection; Elewana Collection; Fauchon Hospitality; Glo Hotels; JA Resorts & Hotels; Kempinski Hotels; The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts; Lungarno Collection; Marco Polo Hotels; Mysk Hotels; NH Hotel Group (counts as 1 Brand): NH Collection, NH Hotels, nhow Hotels; Niccolo Hotels; Nikki Beach; Nuo Hotels; Oaks Hotels, Resorts and Suites; Outrigger Hotels & Resorts; Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts; PARKROYAL Hotels & Resorts; PARKROYAL Collection; Patina Hotels & Resorts; The Residences by Cenizaro; The Set Collection; Shaza Hotels; The Sukhothai Hotels& Resorts; Sun International; Swiss Hospitality; Tivoli Hotels & Resorts; Ultratravel Collection; Viceroy Hotels & Resorts

A qualified eligible stay in respect to the Promotion must be an eligible stay with a minimum length of two nights. Bookings that include multiple rooms will be counted and considered as a single stay and rewarded only once. The Promotion can be availed of a maximum of four times during the promotional period.

Promotional D$ are awarded in addition to the Base D$ that are issued as a result of completing the eligible stay. Promotional D$ are subject to a limited expiry term of six (6) months from the date of issuance and are therefore excluded from the Base D$ expiration rules. Any Base D$ earned on a member’s stay will be subject to expiration based on standard tier-based expiration rules.

“Ineligible rates” do not qualify for earning Promotional D$. Stays that take place prior to the member’s registration for the Promotion will not be awarded Promotional D$.

“Ineligible Rates” shall include, without limitation: (1) third party online retailer rates, such as,,,, Priceline,, etc. (“OTAs”) (2) tours series rates and charter rates (3) room rates for airline staff and crew where rooms are pre-booked and paid for by the airline or directly; (4) travel-industry staff rates; (5) any employee rates, employee family or employee friends discount rates; (6) other discounted rates; (7) any complimentary, free, traded or bartered night stays, or any stays in connection with gift certificates or other awards or vouchers.

This offer is subject to change or withdrawal without notice and is subject to availability.

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