Amaze card lowers cashback for SGD spending, increases minimum spend from 1 April


Instarem sent Amaze cardholders an email today to announce upcoming changes to its terms and conditions.

If you have not heard about the Amaze card, read about it here: Amazing: Get 4 MPD and 1% cashback without FX fees with the Amaze card

Key changes

The new terms and conditions will come into effect on 1 April 2022.

31 March 2022
1 April 2022
Cashback1%0.5% for SGD,
1% for non-SGD
Cashback cap
(per quarter)
(S$10,000 spending)
(S$5,000 – S$10,000
Minimum spend
(per quarter)
Minimum spend
(per transaction)
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Is this a big deal?

As a refresher, here are the key benefits of the Amaze card:

  1. Amaze card turns all transactions “online”, giving you 4 MPD on almost all offline transactions, when linked with DBS Woman’s World or Citi Rewards cards.
  2. Amaze card converts foreign currency spending to SGD at a good rate, saving you about 3% worth of fees on your credit cards.

You will still be receiving a 1% cashback on foreign currency spending, albeit with a lower cap and increased minimum spending.

As long as the two key benefits remain untouched, the Amaze card is still EASILY the best card in Singapore right now.

Amaze Card

Suitesmile card rating:


Get 225 InstaPoints
(worth $2.25)

more info

Key benefit

Earn 4 miles per dollar
and 1% cashback
without FX fees

more info

Annual fee

No annual fee

more info

Min. Income

more info

We recommend linking the following
credit cards to your Amaze card:
Citi Rewards
Citi PremierMiles

Why we like this card
With the right credit card linkage, this card is THE BEST for the following categories: Contactless, Online, Foreign Currency and in-person spending in any retail store.

Bottom line

The Amaze card is a little less amazing right now but this is not horrible news at all. But if you’ve followed all the devaluations of the Grab card and Razer card in recent years, you can probably guess where this is going. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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