Great Deal: Get 20% Cashback on Gojek rides with Revolut


Revolut is offering 20% cashback on Gojek rides in Singapore for a month.

Key points to note

  1. Revolut card is a prepaid card that is free to apply (no annual fee for the ‘Standard’ card)
  2. Get 20% cashback on Gojek rides in Singapore
  3. Offer runs from 14 February to 14 March 2022
  4. You are required to top up during the offer period
  5. Cashback is capped at $20 ($100 of spending)
  6. Cashback will be credited to your Revolut wallet by 28 March 2022

Click here for the official terms and conditions.

Revolut Card

Suitesmile card rating:

Sign-up bonus

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Key benefit

Free overseas
cash withdrawals

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Annual fee

No annual fee

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Min. Income

No income requirement

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Why we like this card
Although you can’t earn miles or points with this card, having no foreign currency fee means that you can skip the money changer to get cash overseas! All your purchases (on weekdays) will also be about 1.7% cheaper than using a credit card.

You can also send money to friends and family locally or overseas with very minimal fees; and get up to 1.7% cashback while doing so!

Pro tip: You can also earn up to 1.7% cashback by using the right card to top up your GrabPay wallet and then using your GrabPay card to top up your Revolut wallet.
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Reminder: Get 20% cashback on public transport spending

There is an ongoing Revolut offer where you can get 20% cashback on public transport spending in February and March 2022.

Click here to read about it.


Other key benefits of Revolut card

Revolut card has been in our list of the best cards in Singapore for a long time now because of the following key benefits:

  1. Withdraw cash from overseas ATMs for free (up to S$350 per month), with exchange rates better than any money changer
  2. Get up to 3% cashback when you send money to friends and family by topping up with the right credit cards (AMEX to Grab to Revolut)

Bottom line

The $20 cashback cap (up to $100 spending) feels a little low. But this is a great deal nonetheless. Use the Amaze card (linked with DBS Woman’s World) to receive 4 MPD + 1% cashback once you have exceeded this cap.

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