Great Deal: Get FREE Apple share (worth ~S$230) when you open a brokerage account with Tiger


DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a trading advice.


Tiger Brokers is a fast-growing broker-dealer listed in Nasdaq (NASDAQ: TIGR), with a market capitalization of 3 billion, 1,000 employees, and global offices covering Singapore, the US, Australia, and New Zealand.

Supported by a professional trading platform with an easy-to-navigate design and quick online account opening and funding, Tiger Brokers provides users with convenient access to global trading markets including US, HK, Singapore stocks, and more.

Tiger Brokers (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (Reg. No. 201810449W) is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and is authorised to operate in Singapore.

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Current promotion

From now till 24 February 2022, Tiger Brokers is offering the following gift to new users:

  • Get 1 free Apple share (NASDAQ:AAPL), worth about US$170 / S$230, when you open an account and make a first deposit of at least S$2,000.

Yes, it’s that easy!

Click here to view the terms and conditions of this promotion.


When will I get the free Apple share?

The free Apple share will be credited to your account within 7 business days after you have deposited a minimum of S$2,000

In my experience, it was credited 2 business days after funding.

When can I withdraw my money?

To enjoy the free Apple share, there is no minimum period that you should hold the money in your account. You may deposit or withdraw any time you want.

But remember that you will need to have some cash in your account to pay for fees to make 10 trades (more about this below).

Can I sell the free Apple share?

Yes, the free AAPL share is yours. However, before selling it, you will need to have done at least 10 trades.


Is there a cheap way to trade 10 times?

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a trading advice.

If you are new to Tiger Brokers or stock trading in general, it is understandable that you may want to explore this new trading platform before making long-term trades/investments involving larger amounts of money.

I found this cheap way to meet the “10 minimum trades” requirement:

  1. Buy 1 share of ABF SG BOND ETF (ticker A35) 9 times.
  2. Sell 9 shares of ABF SG BOND ETF (ticker A35) 1 time.

I set trade Type to “Market” and applied the Commission-free voucher immediately upon signing up.

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Are there any deposit or withdrawal fees?

Withdrawals and deposits in SGD are free to/from a Singapore bank account under your name.

Tip: Transfer cash from your US account to your SG account first, if you would like to withdraw proceeds from US shares.

Is Tiger Brokers a good trading platform?

I’ve been using Tiger Brokers to trade for a while now and I found it very easy to use.

You can buy US shares with just 0.06% fees and S$1.99 minimum per trade.

On top of that, as a new user, you will have 180 days of commission-free trading in SG, US, AU and HK markets (up to 60 trades). Read more about the fee structure.

New Tiger users will also receive 500 Tiger Coins which can be used to redeem gifts in Tiger Coins Centre and those who has completed the questionnaire when sign up may get US Stocks Level 2 Market Data. With this feature, users get to access real-time bids and asks to execute trades more accurately. Many other trading platforms, that I’ve personally used, charge additional fees for this!

There are also free trading tools and expert analysis that can be found in the mobile app.


Is there a catch?

Not really. The rules are pretty straight-forward. To receive the free Apple share, your first deposit must be at least S$2,000. And if you want to sell the free Apple share, you have to complete at least 10 trades.

For example, if you trade ticker A35 (as described above) with minimum lots, you will have to pay about S$2 worth of fees per trade.

As mentioned above, deposits and withdrawals in SGD are free for Singapore bank accounts and there is no minimum holding period.

Bottom line

Unlike the credit cards offers that we often share, this deal does not have any minimum income requirement. Students (above 18 years old) can apply too!

This is a really easy $210-or-so (after fees from 10 trades) that everyone should claim.

Drop us a message or ask in Suitesmile Telegram Chat Group if you have questions about the application steps!

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