Great Deal: Get $30 cash with a new Singlife Grow account

UPDATE: From 27 June 2022, Singlife Grow will be renamed to Singlife Sure Invest. Click here to find out more about the product.

DISCLAIMER: This is not an investment advice.

While this is not a finance blog, I enjoy sharing easy money deals like this! Check out the $288 moomoo deal and $200 DBS Takashimaya deal if you have not!

I shared about Singlife’s insurance savings plan when it came out last year. The interest rate has gone down from 2.5% to just 1% since then, and I decided to withdraw everything from my Singlife account.

What is Singlife Grow?

Singlife Grow’s Investment-Linked Policy (ILP) is a life insurance policy which provides a combination of investment and protection.

Start investing with a minimum amount of S$1000. Make withdrawals anytime with no lock-in period or any penalty.

Be covered against death and terminal illness at the higher of 1) 101% of net premiums; or 2) account value.

Carefully constructed, closely monitored and rebalanced to achieve intended investment objectives.

Click here for more information about Singlife Grow.

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The deal

Get $30 cash credited to your account when you open a Singlife Grow account. Use code XsVLo2Gx during the sign-up process.

Existing Singlife customers qualify too, as long as you do not currently have a Singlife Grow account.

On top of that, get an extra $5 if you request for a free Singlife Debit card!

Click here for the official terms and conditions.

Sign-up process

During the sign-up process, do not click on “skip”. Insert invite code XsVLo2Gx as shown in the screenshot below.

  1. Download the Singlife app on your mobile phone.
  2. Sign up for a Singlife Grow account and use my referral code during the sign-up process: XsVLo2Gx
  3. A minimum deposit of $1,000 is required to open a Singlife Grow account.
  4. You CAN deposit with AMEX True Cashback to receive up to 3% cashback!
  5. Sign-up gift of $30 will be credited to your Singlife account immediately after the Singlife Grow investment portfolio is ‘In Force’.
  6. The $30 credit can be withdrawn to your bank account immediately.
  7. The investment portfolio takes 2 – 4 business days to complete the funding process.
  8. There is no lock-in period to hold the investment portfolio. Withdraw anytime you want.
  9. There is no withdrawal fee.

I personally signed up for a Conservative portfolio with S$1,000 for lower volatility while I try out Singlife Grow. It took only about an hour to sign up and receive the $30 credit in my bank account! 😍

Bottom line

It’s an easy $30 to claim with minimal effort, even for existing Singlife members. Having no-lock in period is always a big plus! 👍

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