Review: 15 nights Quarantine in Mii Hotel Srinakarin Bangkok (ASQ)

If you have plans to visit Thailand in the near future, please read my recent article on the complete process of visiting Thailand as a Tourist under the Visa Exemption Scheme.

Because of Hyatt’s ongoing promotion, I was hoping to do my quarantine at Hyatt Place Bangkok. For just THB 39,000, it was a steal! Unfortunately, as I only inquired with 5 days’ notice, that hotel wasn’t available.

I told myself that I wasn’t going to spend more than THB 50,000 for a ‘higher-end’ quarantine hotel and would use the money post-quarantine instead. Spending over THB 6,000 per night (for 2 guests) in a quarantine hotel made absolutely no sense to us, even when it is full board and includes 2 PCR tests each. That is the sort of price that would get both of us into many 5-star hotels in Thailand for 3 whole nights!

We made a decision to ‘rough it out’ for 15 nights, although, it really wasn’t all that ‘rough’ and we ended up happier than we thought we would be. We settled for Mii Hotel Srinakarin Bangkok as they were the most responsive, have modern-looking rooms and is reasonably priced at THB 34,900 nett per person.


Pre-arrival communication was fantastic. My initial inquiry was replied within minutes. The hotel understood my urgency and were very fast in preparing the required documents for me.

The booking policy did not allow a lot of flexibility though.

I was quoted THB 34,900 nett for a 15 nights quarantine in the standard room. Like other ASQ hotels, the price included transport from the airport, 3 meals a day and 2 PCR tests during the stay. Full pre-payment was required and it was done through a credit card authorisation form. There wasn’t any additional fee for credit card payment.

The arrival date can be amended up to 5 days prior to arrival with proof that the flight date has changed. Refund will only be allowed with proof like COE rejection, COVID-19 positive result or flight cancellation.

Email: [email protected]

Line Messaging ID: Link

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Upon clearing all formalities at the airport, there were a number of staff waiting at the Arrivals area to guide all arriving visitors. One of them asked for the name of my hotel and handed us over to someone else who guided us to another area to wait for the minibus that took us to the hotel.

The journey to Mii Hotel took about 25 minutes. This hotel is located in a quiet area between the city centre and the airport. This means that there was never any road noise during my stay, which is fantastic!

Upon arrival at the hotel, there were hotel staff waiting at the drop-off area. Everyone had full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on and they were expecting our arrival. One of the staff took our luggages to the pre-assigned room right away.

After some quick document checks, the staff passed some instructional letter (attached below) and we were escorted to our room.

Just as we were settling down, someone knocked on the door and left our meals outside (fried rice with prawns). How nice and proactive!

The room

As mentioned above, I had booked the Standard room. As this was one of the cheapest ASQ hotels in Bangkok, I did not have much expectation.

Room 601 is a corner room on the 6th floor and looked exactly like what I saw in photos. It was very clean, had a work desk and windows that open. Double thumbs up for fresh air!

The large bed in my room was put together with 2 single beds. It wasn’t a big deal for us but can be bothersome for some. I’m sure that the hotel could do a room change if I had requested for it.

I did not turn on the television during my stay as I have a monitor on the work desk but the 32-inch TV may be too small for most.

Not that I was expecting but there was no microwave or washing machine in the room. However, I wish that the work chair had arm rests. Need a good Thai massage when I’m out!

I should also mention that there were 2 power outages during my stay but it was restored within 5 minutes on both occasions.


There were loads of basic supplies like towels, toilet paper, instant coffee, tea and drinking water. There was also a bag of bathroom amenities like dental kit and cotton buds.

There was also a ‘goodie bag’ with hand sanitiser, plenty of disposable masks and PPE. I never used any of them as I was in the room most of the time, duh.

Drinking water wasn’t enough for us but the hotel was happy to send more upon request, without charge.


I feel that this is the hotel’s strongest point. Looking at what other ASQ hotels (some costing more than double) are offering, the food quality in this hotel exceeded my expectations. Guests have to place their orders 1 day in advance from an extensive menu via the hotel’s official Line account. I’ve tried a number of dishes (photos below) and all of them tasted good!

My only complaint is the inconsistent delivery timing. On most days, they were delivered within 15 minutes of the requested time but on some days (especially dinner) they were over 30 minutes late. On one occasion, dinner was delivered 90 minutes early, at 5.30pm!

There was also a couple of instances when food was placed outside our door without a courtesy knock on the door. We only found out about it after deciding to check 45 minutes later. The food was already cold, unfortunately.

I also disliked that there were only options for sugary drinks/juices for all meals. We left the drinks in the fridge since day 1 and it is now full! I wish that sugar-free iced tea was available without additional charge.

I have relayed this feedback to the hotel and hope that the experience can be improved for future guests.

There is also a paid menu if you would like to order more food.

Service and communication

All staff member that I communicated with were really polite. Urgent matters could be communicated using the phone and non-urgent matters through the hotel’s official Line account.

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WiFi internet

The WiFi wasn’t lightning fast but stable for normal use. There were 4 internet outages through my stay and each of them lasted about an hour.

PCR tests

Visitors to Thailand are required to take 2 PCR tests in the hotel, during their quarantine period. One on Day 5 and the second one on Day 12. Hotels in Thailand count the day that you arrive as Day 0. So, in reality, the PCR tests will be on your 6th and 13th day.

Test results were informed over phone calls from the nursing room.

My first PCR test was a very unpleasant experience. It was probably done by an inexperienced nurse from Synphaet Hospital. After the swab tests, my partner and I had sharp pain at the back of our heads and she was bleeding from her nose. It was my 8th PCR test and I knew right away that the angle was all wrong.

However, we were taken care of by another nurse and the supervisor from the hospital called every couple of hours to check on us.

It was probably an isolated incident and not within the hotel’s control, of course. The second PCR test was done by a lab staff from the hospital and it was pain free!

Relaxation area

If you test negative for the test on the 6th day, you will be allowed to go to the relaxation area at the restaurant on the 7th floor from the 8th day. You will be allowed to pick a time slot every day.

Honestly, we were expecting to at least get the freedom to sit by the pool. There wasn’t a gym for us to use during these daily breaks as well. We ended up only going once as we didn’t find it much more relaxing than our room. The windows in our room open up pretty wide for fresh air and we didn’t have to keep our masks on!


On the last day, we were hoping to get released at midnight but were told that we could only leave from 6am in the morning. For that reason, we decided to sleep a little longer and have our last breakfast in this hotel (which is also part of the package) before leaving at around 12 noon.

Upon leaving, we received a care package/bag from Synphaet Hospital as well as documents from the hotel to certify that we have completed a 15 day quarantine at the hotel.

We called for a Grab car to Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok. There was a staff member who helped us with the luggages from the room to the car.


Pre-arrival: 10/10
Arrival: 9/10
The room: 9/10
Amenities: 8/10
Food: 9/10
Service and communication: 9/10
Internet: 8/10
Relaxation area: 7/10
Value (for what I paid): 10/10

Bottom line

This ASQ hotel exceeded my expectations in areas that matter to me. I was especially grateful for how quiet the hotel was and the good food every day. I hope that the hotel is able to iron out the areas of improvement that I’ve shared with them.

At this price point, I highly recommend Mii Hotel Srinakarin Bangkok for quarantine purpose.

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  1. As of August 3rd 2021, no longer an AQ hotel unfortunately. They have decided to become a hospitel so have cancelled by paid booking. Very disappointed but nothing I can do.

  2. Hi, thanks so much for the detailed review.

    Regarding Wi-Fi speed, could you share if you were able to smoothly take video calls (if you had any)?
    Or similarly, able to stream videos?


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