Important updates on my experience with Razer Card Beta



UPDATE 30 Jan 2021: MCC code for Razer wallet top-ups is now 6540. Points/miles will no longer be awarded.

UPDATE: 19 Apr 2021: I received refunds for the 3 remaining doubled-charged transactions today; FIVE months after the initial transactions. That’s goodbye to Razer Pay for me.

Reminder: I recommend moving your Razer wallet balance to YouTrip/Revolut while you still can. I had a failed transaction (and was charged anyway) just yesterday.

I’ve shared some promising benefits of Razer Card in my original article about 2 months ago. Unfortunately, my experience since then has been really poor. And that’s after continuously reminding myself that it is still called Razer Card Beta.

Double, triple and quadruple charges

I’ve had over 30 transactions (worth over $1,000) that were charged two to four times since 15 Nov 2020 (over 7 weeks ago!).

These duplicated charges mostly happened between 3.30pm to 4.30pm, 2 to 3 days after the original transaction. Imagine going about your daily life and seeing Razer notifications that you’ve just paid for something that you already did 2 days ago. You’d then see this amount deducted from your wallet. Again.

The original and duplicated transactions do not have settlement dates/IDs in the Razer app till now, even the one on 15 Nov.

I should also mention that all of these double charges were in foreign currency.


UPDATE 20 Jan: After 2 months of wait, I’ve received refunds of 24 out of 32 duplicated transactions. I am still waiting for the remaining 8.

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Failed transactions, charged anyway

I have also made online purchases where transactions failed but the amount got deducted from my Razer wallet anyway. Again, these transactions do not have settlement dates/IDs till now.


UPDATE: Just as I was about to publish this article, I received notifications from my Razer app about payment reversals. They have now reversed 5 out of my 8 failed transactions. These reversals were only for failed transactions in Dec 2020. Those from Nov 2020 are still not reversed.

All double charges are not yet reversed.

UPDATE 1.10am, 8 Jan 2021: 6 out of 8 failed transactions now reversed.

Hotel refund not credited

I had a hotel booking (worth about $300) from that was refunded. According to, the refund was completed on 10 Dec 2020. An email from mentioned that this amount should appear in my card within 5-7 business days, depending on my card issuer.

I’ve gotten in touch with yesterday and they further confirmed that the refund was indeed processed on 10 Dec 2020. It’s been 4 weeks and this amount is still not credited into my Razer wallet.

UPDATE: Received this refund on 15 Jan after raising a support ticket.

Screenshot 2021-01-06 120256.jpg

Customer service and technical support

To put it just the way it is, Razer Card’s technical support has been abysmal. It doesn’t seem like any of the agents have a solution and everyone is just buying more time with generic replies whenever a support ticket is raised.

I have raised the double-charge issues countless times since late November but there has not been any resolution. Even the live chat agents could not do anything about it and would reply with template lines like “the refund has been processed and you will receive the refund within 7-14 working days”.

After numerous emails, I got a reply last week, asking for screenshots of all 30 double charges and failed transactions. It took me a very long time but I’ve since submitted those screenshots and am still waiting for a follow up.

Other users facing the same problems

I am not the only one with money stuck in the cloud.

Take a look at bad customer reviews on Razer Pay’s Android and iOS apps.

Take a look at bad user experiences shared in this thread in Hardwarezone forum.

The comments section in my original article is the most commented since Suitesmile launched just over a year ago.

No access to Razer managers/supervisors

Before writing this article, I wanted to get a better understanding of the situation from Razer’s spokesperson, PR Manager or Razer Card’s Product Manager. However, customer service officers from all channels refused to share contact information of anyone from the managerial level.

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MCC code

UPDATE 30 Jan 2021: MCC code has changed. Refer to note at the top of the page.

As of today, the MCC code for Razer wallet top ups with Visa and Mastercard is still 5712 and eligible for base points/miles.

Good updates

  1. I’ve shared in yesterday’s article that I could use Razer Gift Cards to purchase Razer products other than what’s stated on Razer’s app upon task completion.

  2. I received 1% cashback for wallet top ups to Revolut and YouTrip.

Bottom line

A lot of us enjoyed free Razer products upon completing very simple tasks during this Beta program. However, Beta program considered, at what point does it become unacceptable? For me, what’s most worrying is the way that Razer is handling these issues.

I have stopped using this card since mid-December 2020 and would strongly discourage everyone from using Razer Card till these issues are solved.

If you are reading this and have money wrongfully deducted from your Razer wallet as well, please share your experience in Suitesmile Chat Telegram group (which is also in Beta). 😈

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