Winner of $749.90 Razer gift card


You guys did it! I’ve mentioned in my original article on Razer Pay/Card that I would give away this $749.90 Razer gift card (to someone who signed up with referral code 5uites) if I manage to reach the highest ‘Influence’ milestone of 120 referrals.

This final task has now been unlocked in my Razer app.


The winner

The winner is…

Zhang Weijin

If you are this person, please contact me by 12 January 2021 for a quick verification.

I have also performed 2 more draws in case the above winner does not get in touch with me before the above deadline.

The stand-by winners are:

  1. Jiang Junheng

  2. Denny Ong

These stand-by winners will be picked in the above order. If you are one of the stand-by winners, please also contact me by 12 January 2021.

UPDATE 11am, 6 Jan 2021: The winner has claimed the gift card. Thank you everyone!

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Quick reminder

As shared on Suitesmile’s Instagram story last month, upon unlocking a task, you can use the gift cards to redeem for Razer products other than those shown in Card Beta.

In other words, the winner above can use the $749.90 gift card to redeem for a Razer Blade laptop that is already seling for a discount!

I am not sure when this loophole will be closed, but I’ve last tested it a few minutes ago, and it can still be done (screenshot below).

Screenshot 2021-01-05 153804.jpg

P.S. It’s not all happy news. I will be sharing lots of details about my poor experience with Razer Card and customer service by tomorrow.

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5 thoughts on “Winner of $749.90 Razer gift card”

  1. there is no way for the referral to know who signed up for razer pay using his referral code… so not quite sure how the "winner" is selected? Appreciate if you can shed some light on those who signed up using your code.


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