Deal: 15% bonus for credit card points/miles transferred into Asia Miles (Targeted)


UPDATE 28 Dec 2020: Registration now open

Registration is now open. If you are still unsure if you should do it, register anyway. The confirmation page (below) further confirmed that I am only targeted for a 10% bonus.

As mentioned below, I will be transferring all my points/miles from DBS, UOB and HSBC expiring in 2021.

To qualify, your credit card points/miles must reach your Asia Miles account by 31 Jan 2021. To be extra safe, you should initiate the transfer on your bank’s end by 23 Jan 2021.

Full terms and conditions

Click here to register for Asia Miles transfer bonus

Registration confirmation page

Registration confirmation page

Last month, I posted about the 15% transfer bonus from Singapore credit cards to Singapore Airlines Krisflyer. This deal is ending next week, on 27 Dec 2020. If you are still on the fence about it, it looks like Cathay Pacific Asia Miles is trying to stop you from going towards that direction!

Asia Miles members received an email tonight (screenshot below) on an upcoming credit card transfer bonus offer. Asia Miles ran a 10% transfer bonus earlier this year but it looks like they are running targeted offers this time round. I received an email showing a 10% bonus but my partner got an email showing a 15% bonus.

Registration starts on 28 December 2020.

Screenshot 2020-12-15 205004.jpg
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Why you SHOULD do it

  1. You are targeted for a 15% bonus.

  2. You have expiring points/miles with DBS, UOB, AMEX, HSBC or Maybank.

  3. Asia Miles do not expire as long as there is at least once activity every 18 months. You can do this very easily with a purchase through iShop.

  4. Asia Miles has a longer list of sweet spots than Krisflyer.

  5. Asia Miles’ sweet spots give you options of premium seats from three different 5-star airlines at great value.

Asia Miles sweet spots

Asia Miles sweet spots


Why you SHOULD NOT do it

  1. You only have expiring points/miles with Citibank.

  2. You prefer flying direct to Europe/USA/South Pacific.

Bottom line

Even though I am only targeted with a 10% bonus, I will be transferring expiring points/miles from my DBS, UOB and HSBC cards to Asia Miles with this bonus. These are points/miles expiring in the next 10-12 months.

I do not have expiring Citibank points/miles but even if I did, I would be transferring them to Qatar Airways’ Privilege Club instead. As I still have trust issues with Privilege Club, I would see this as a riskier option and would choose to transfer to Asia Miles with the bonus if I want a safer option.

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