Great Deal: Receive Hyatt Globalist status with only 30 nights in 2021


Welcome to my first post on World of Hyatt! This hotel loyalty program announced a great offer today that will run for the whole of next year and is forcing me to seriously consider them.

Instead of the usual 60 elite nights required to receive the top-tier Globalist status, you are only required to have 30 elite nights in 2021!

But it gets better!

Double elite nights and triple points offer

From now till Feb 2021, Hyatt members will receive double elite nights and triple points on their stays (register here). In other words, members who stay 15 nights from January to February 2021 will be Hyatt Globalist till Feb 2023!

UPDATE 21 Jan: Hyatt is posting bonus elite nights every couple of weeks from early Jan, not in March as initially thought.

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Elite nights requirements for other membership levels

Discoverist: 5
Explorist: 15

If I am going in, I am going all in for Globalist. Not that Discoverist and Explorist statuses suck but because Hilton Gold offers great benefits and is so easy to achieve with only 4 stays. If you don’t spend that many nights in hotels, I recommend taking your nights to Hilton properties for the best benefits.


Bottom line

While this is a great offer, I don’t think it is good enough to justify a 15-night mattress run in Grand Hyatt or Andaz Singapore. If you are not leaving the country in the next couple of months, it’s probably better to just keep this offer in mind and consider it when you start to travel again. The double elite nights and triple points offer was supposed to end on Dec 2020 but was extended for a further 2 months (till Feb 2021). Let’s hope that Hyatt gets even more generous with a second extension!

I’ve heard great things about World of Hyatt but never considered this loyalty program as Hyatt properties are generally more expensive and there are less of them globally, as compared to Hilton and Marriott.

I am also not sure if I want a third hotel status to maintain on top of my statuses with Hilton and Marriott but this bait looks too delicious not to bite. Hyatt Places and Regencies here in Dubai are fairly cheap (<$100 nett) and some of them even include breakfast by default. And you guys overwhelmingly voted that I should go for it! 😂

I’ll sleep on it and decide in the morning.

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