My experience with Razer Pay so far

Photo credit: Razer
Photo credit: Razer

UPDATE 15 DEC 2020: I have been double-charged for about 30 transactions for a total of over $1,000 since 15 Nov. I’ve reached out to Razer and will write a new post on the outcome. I would strongly discourage everyone from using Razer Card till there is a resolution.

I’ve posted a follow-up article on 6 Jan 2021.

If you have been accumulating miles/points for at least a year, you should have heard of the GrabPay trick that allowed us to receive 10% cashback and 4 MPD on Grab wallet top ups. You could then use your GrabPay card to pay for anything you want, effectively giving you 10% cashback or 4 MPD on ANY spending.

Those days are now over as we faced multiple loophole closures in the past year. I wrote about them here, here, here and here. GrabPay is not dead just yet though, you can still receive up to 3% cashback for Insurance, Education and Hospital payments.

Enter Razer Pay!

Just like the good old days when GrabPay was just launched, we can do great stuff (more on this later) with Razer Pay Visa prepaid card. However, it may take a while for your application to be approved as Razer Card is still in Beta and I’m not sure how many more slots they will be opening up in the coming weeks. It may be a good idea to apply for this card as soon as you can to enjoy all the benefits of this new card.

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How to apply

  1. Download the Razer Pay app. Click here if you’re on Android or here if you’re using an iPhone.
  2. Sign up for a Razer account. Optional: use referral code 5uites and we’ll both receive a $1 credit to our wallets. Plus, stand a chance to win a Razer Gaming Chair (worth $749.90). More on this later.
  3. Complete your profile verification.
  4. Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page and fill in your particulars to join the Beta test for Razer Card.
  5. Once your application is approved, you see the virtual Razer Card in the “wallet” page in your app.
  6. Upon approval, you would also receive a gift code to redeem a free Razer Mask (worth $46.90) and $5 reward after making just 1 transaction and even more free gifts as you spend. More on Rewards later.

Do not top up your wallet until you see the virtual Razer Card in the “wallet” tab in your Razer app.

Benefits of Razer Card

Let’s start with the official benefits during Card Beta:

  • 1% cashback on all purchases.
  • 10% cashback on purchases from RazerStore.

There is no minimum spend and no cashback cap during Card Beta. If you ask me, these benefits are just oookay. Enough reasons to spend 5 mins to apply for the card but nothing outstanding.

Now let’s get to the good stuff! While I have received my virtual card in-app, I do not have the physical card yet. Here’s what I’ve gathered after some testing over the past couple of weeks.

  • Receive 1.4 MPD by topping up with UOB PRVI and 1.2 MPD with Citibank Premiermiles.
  • Receive 0.4 MPD (1X point) by topping up with Citibank Rewards.
  • Razer Card can be used to top up YouTrip, Revolut and ShopeePay.
  • Razer Card cannot be used to top up GrabPay wallet.
  • Razer Card cannot be added to Google Pay.
  • The MCC code for topping up Razer Pay wallet with both Citibank Rewards Visa and Mastercard is 5712 (Equipment, Furniture and Home Furnishings Stores (except Appliances)).

Note: I was receiving 10X points for wallet top-ups with Citibank Rewards Visa up till 16 Nov. Have only received 1X since then. MCC code remains the same.

I will be topping up my Razer Pay wallet top up with my DBS Woman’s World Mastercard to see if it gets me 4 MPD. I’ll update this section on 16 Dec 2020. (UPDATE: Only 1X points for wallet top ups with this card)

While there isn’t enough time to top up my Razer Pay wallet with my UOB One card for 3 consecutive months, I don’t see any problems receiving 5% cashback for it at the moment.

Razer Rewards

It gets even better!

From now till 31 Dec 2020, Razer is running attractive reward tasks and some of them are so easy to achieve that it is almost free money/gift. The four categories are Getting Started, Pay, Spend and Influence.

Official terms and conditions

Getting Started
This category is the easiest to achieve. Activate your virtual Razer Card and complete profile verification to redeem a free Razer Mask (worth $46.90). Free standard shipping (worth $10) too!

In this category, you will be rewarded by the number of transactions that you make (min. $5). Topping up YouTrip, Revolut or ShopeePay count as transactions; just saying.

Here’s what you will receive after surpassing each tier:

1 transaction: $5 credit to your wallet
10 transactions: Razer Hydrator water bottle (worth $44.90)
50 transactions: Premium Razer Card (worth $200) or $50 credit
150 transactions: Razer Nari Essential Headset (worth $169.90)
300 transactions: Razer Tarturus Pro keypad (worth $206.90)

Razer Nari Essential Headset

In this category, you will be rewarded by the amount that you spend.

Here’s what you will receive after surpassing each tier:

Spend $50: $5 credit
Spend $200: Razer Tetra (worth $49.90)
Spend $2,000: Premium Razer Card (worth $200) or $50 credit
Spend $3,500: Razer Mamba Wireless Mouse (worth $169.90)
Spend $6,500: Razer Tactical Backpack V2 (worth $199.90)

Razer Tactical Backpack V2

In this category, you will be rewarded by the number of new users you recruit.

Here’s what you will receive after surpassing each tier:

1 referral: $5 credit
10 referrals: Razer Goliathus Medium mousepad ($49.90)
30 referrals: Premium Razer Card (worth $200) or $50 credit
60 referrals: Razer Ornata V2 Keyboard (worth $169.90)
120 referrals: Razer Raiju TE wireless controller (worth 239.90)

Razer Ornata V2 Keyboard

Ultimate RewardYes, there’s one more! Upon completing all the reward tasks above, you will be rewarded with a Razer Iskur Gaming Chair (worth $749.90)!

I will be running a lucky draw and giving this chair away for free IF I reach the requirement of 120 referrals with referral code 5uites. 😉

UPDATE: As of 25 Nov, there has been 127 applications with my referral code and 75 of you guys have verified your Razer accounts. This leaves us with 45 more verified accounts to the Razer chair giveaway. 🙂

Razer Iskur Gaming Chair
All available tasks with Card Beta

Usage limitations

Besides the daily top up limit, these usage limitations for Razer’s wallet are more or less the same as Grab’s.

 Verified Account
Wallet Limit$5,000
Daily Transaction Limit (Payment)$5,000
Daily Transaction Limit (Transfer)$1,000
Monthly Transaction Limit (Payment)$10,000
Daily Top Up10 times
Annual Transaction Limit (Payment)$30,000

Foreign exchange rate

I’ve tried using my virtual Razer Card for an online purchase in Malaysian Ringgit and the exchange rate looks really good! The exchange rate offered by Razer is only 0.003% lower than what I saw on

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Bottom line

With all those generous rewards tasks, this is better than what we had with Grab! I just hope that Razer opens up more beta slots for Razer Card and hopefully, also extends the rewards beyond 31 Dec 2020. 🤞

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84 thoughts on “My experience with Razer Pay so far”

  1. hello, i have signed up with your code and you have reached your target referral, how do i participate in your chair giveaway? 🙂

    • Hi, thank you for using my referral code. I’ve announced the winner a few days ago:

  2. Anyone facing issues with the rewards? A lot of issues going on in the app.

    1. I’ve completed Razer Cloth Mask task but when I pressed on "redeem reward", no redemption code was shown. Brought issue up to support for 2 weeks already but still not resolved… Razer Support at first said they didn’t see me complete that task on their end, had to send them SS of my completed task… lols.. still waiting..

    2. I also completed the other tasks (Razer Hydrator and Tetra) but the "redeem reward" button is greyed out, and I can’t press on it.

    Then seeing this article saying OP got double-charged, now I’m getting worried.

    • I have trying to redeem the razer hydrator since end dec always no stock. I have email Razer about it and there reply (The team in charge is aware of this and is working hard to replenish the stock)

  3. Anybody faces issue with redeeming razer hydrator ? It’s always out of stock and when I do get the email notification that it says it is back in stock … it goes out of stock again … is it a system error or the stock just got snatched within minutes ?

  4. Pls check all your transaction I was charged the same amount 4 days later There sent a Visa prepaid dispute form
    to get amount reverted.

      • I call razer on the issue there send me a email with the form, fill up the info and take screenshot. will update then I get reply or money back

        • Hi. I had the same issue but when I contacted them? They told me to wait for 7 business days for the money to be reversed. Its already more than 7 days and I demanded them to return my money but they never mentioned about visa prepaid dispute form as a solution to me …. how come so confusing .. don’t people have different replies … so inconsistent.

  5. I’m unable to redeem the reward for premium razer card despite making 50 transactions. (The redeem your reward button is greyed out). Anyone facing the same issue?

  6. Hi Fai,

    Does the $5 credit for doing one transaction come in immediately? I have clicked on the ‘redeem’ button but didn’t receive any credits. Thanks in advance.

  7. seems like razer payment processor is having problems. i keep getting declined payments but my money is missing from razer pay wallet

  8. May i ask is the double charge you experience is when you transact use razerpay directly or when top up razer card use another credit card ?

  9. Anyone able to top up with razer pay on revolut? The authentication page appears, but doesn’t proceed after tapping ‘accept’. Similar to grabpay top up.

    • mcc should be outside of revo whitelist (

  10. "This category is the easiest to achieve. Activate your virtual Razer Card and complete profile verification to redeem a free Razer Mask (worth $46.90). Free standard shipping (worth $10) too!"

    how do you get the mask? i have the virtual card in my app. profile approved. but i dont see where to redeem it.

  11. Hi Fai, I had verified my profile successfully but do not see any virtual visa card around. Would you be able to guide me on this?

  12. Tried topping up using CRV on 17th but only received 1X points. Can I know how fast you received the points and whether anyone else had tried and successfully got 10x?

  13. I registered RazerPay back in Jun 2020, opt to join the Beta but received an email stating I was unsuccessful. After I read this article, I went into the app and set up, my virtual card was activated immediately.

    Looking at DBS is offering additional 8% cash reward which includes "Home/Office Furnishing & Appliances" category and since Razerpay MCC is 5712, do you think it is worth a shot to top up by Altitude and stack both 1.2mile + 8%? Also, do you know if the 1% cashback include insurance payment? I don’t see it being excluded in the T&C

    • Worth a shot to me. 1% cashback should include insurance payment. I don’t see it being excluded also.

      You can also consider the Citi Premiermiles offer:

      • Update: DBS double stack 1.2mile + 8% is valid! Just received an update from DBS on my qualified spending and it included Razerpay top up.

        Thanks for the Citi Premiermiles recommendation.. but the bar is quite high to spend $2k in both months to qualify in this climate.

        Crossed several milestone and got the mask, hydrator and tetra, shipping is fast, pending to receive 3 x $5 credit & physical card. Waiting to see if the 1% cashback is valid on my insurance payment

  14. Hi Fai, what’s the MCC code under MasterCard then? WWMC should be able to tell from their online bot chat right? You have confirmed that CRV’s MCC under VISA is 5712.


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