Best Staycation deals in Singapore


Mandarin Orchard

Mandarin Orchard


So you’ve seen Staycation deals almost every day for the past week. But are they really good enough? Given the current situation, a number of hotel experiences like breakfast buffets, executive lounges and swimming pool usage are understandably dumbed-down.

Bias disclaimer

I have shared in the past that I do not really see a point in staycations because of how tiny Singapore is. It’s not like you can take a 2-hours flight to the other side of the country where people speak a different dialect and eat different food.

The other reason was because of how cheap it was to travel to a neighbouring country. With all the border shutdowns right now, I thought that this mindset would change.

But that’s not happening. As much as I miss hotel stays and travelling in general, I just can’t justify spending over $400 nett for a “luxurious” night in a local hotel during a pandemic. Some hotels are getting very creative in charging more than pre-COVID rates while sprinkling rainbow funfetti in the form of complimentary breakfasts, early check-ins, late check-outs, complimentary $55 champagne bottles and F&B credits to justify the “special” packages. Some even went as far as wording it “2D1N stays”. *eye rolls*


I am:

  1. Reluctant to spend over $300 nett on local hotels

  2. Almost always expecting complimentary breakfast, given the current situation

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The best deals right now

Given the above-mentioned bias, here are the approved local hotels that I would actually consider to celebrate a special occasion. I have done the work for you by only showing nett prices so that you don’t need to have a calculator beside you to add 7% GST and 10% service fee to everything.

Hotel Without Breakfast With Breakfast Free Cancellation? Where to Book? Sample Date
Ramada Singapore $108 nett $145 nett Yes via Tripadvisor 9 Jan
Capri by Fraser Changi City $113 nett $162 nett No Agoda via Tripadvisor 3 Jan
The Scarlet Singapore $137 nett Yes Agoda via Tripadvisor 9 Jan
Four Points by Sheraton $198 nett (Incl $88 F&B credit) Yes 23 Nov
Hilton Singapore $181 nett $206 nett Yes 12 Nov
Andaz Singapore $220 nett (Mon-Thu),
$260 nett (Fri-Sun)
Yes Email to: [email protected]


I will be updating the above list whenever a noteworthy deal comes around. In the mean time, decide if watching TV in a nicely decorated hotel room is $300 better than your living room. If you like to enjoy some good food for that special occasion, you can always dine in 5-star hotels at 50% off all year long.

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7 thoughts on “Best Staycation deals in Singapore”

  1. As much as I’m a heavy spender for hotels, even in Singapore, I too believe it’s not appropriate to spend more than $300 for local hotels in a pandemic. The worst thing is local hotels are charging the same expensive rates if not more when they’re a dying breed in this new era.

    • Mhmm…I guess Singaporeans are keeping the demand high. Hotels in Singapore are not desperate enough as compared to literally everywhere else. Can’t wait to book Kuala Lumpur hotels!

  2. As someone who doesn’t quite appreciate staycations too, I’ve been waiting for this post with truly curated good deals – it’s like a breath of fresh air compared to the majority of blogs out there that trumpet what hotels have been approved by STB for staycations.


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