Great Deal: Qatar Airways is giving out FREE flights for healthcare professionals at 0500 hours later


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UPDATE: Because of very high demand, Qatar Airways is now releasing limited codes for every country, every day. In Singapore, it will be at 0500 hours every day till 18 May 2020.

Qatar Airways is giving out 100,000 complimentary flight tickets from 0500 hours Singapore time on 12 May 2020. This is in recognition of the hard work and dedication of healthcare professionals all over the world.

Who qualifies?

All of the following plus a companion (need not be healthcare professional):

  • Doctors

  • Medical Practitioners

  • Nurses

  • Paramedics

  • Lab Technicians

  • Clinical Researchers

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Important points to note

  1. Bookmark this page and refresh it at 0500 hours Singapore time later to get the promo code.

  2. Search for a one-way, round trip, or multi-city ticket to anywhere that Qatar Airways fly to and enter the promo code as shown in the image below.

  3. You cannot fly round trip from Singapore to Asian or South Pacific cities as all Qatar Airways flights have to transit at Doha and flying to those places will be back-tracking. This is only possible with a multi-city itinerary.

  4. Only one booking per healthcare professional.

  5. You will still have to pay airport taxes. This is usually under $100 for a round trip ticket.

  6. Travel period is 26 May to 10 December 2020.

  7. Tickets are fully flexible and changes can be made at no additional charge.

  8. You will be required to show your medical ID during check in at the airport or you will not be allowed to fly.

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Recommended destinations

Qatar Airways fly to a really long list of destinations and it’s not hard to pick one that you’d like. If you need a recommendation, here’s a list of destinations that I personally love and I think will give you the most bang for your buck.

  1. Sao Paolo, Brazil

  2. Los Angeles, USA

  3. Montreal, Canada

  4. New York, USA

  5. Oslo, Norway

  6. Edinburgh, Scotland

  7. Amsterdam, Netherlands

  8. Auckland, New Zealand (Multi-city via Doha)


I always enjoy my flights with Qatar Airways. If you are not too busy right now, you should plan on where to fly to so that you can book immediately at 5 in the morning later.

It’s a pity that the eligible dates are only until 10 December 2020. Of course, you will want to book flights as far ahead as possible. Also, we do not know if there will still be widespread COVID-19 infections in the coming months but I am confident that Qatar Airways would refund the taxes that you have paid if that is so.

Thank you for saving the world. All the best, heroes! <3

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