Negative AMEX Singapore changes from 1 March 2020


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If you are holding a Singapore American Express credit card, you would have gotten an email this morning, informing you about the following changes that are coming from 1 March 2020.

  1. Increment of foreign currency fees from 2.5% to 2.95%.

  2. GrabPay top ups and some other categories will not earn points/miles anymore.

Why these changes do not matter to me

I recently shared an article listing the credit cards that I actively use. AMEX Krisflyer Ascend has a place in my wallet but I only use it for the occasional AMEX promotions, like receiving $150 back for every $600 spend on Marriott Bonvoy properties. In other words, I do not use it to earn miles. Here’s why:

  1. Poor earn rate of up to 1.2 MPD overseas (2 MPD in June and December).

  2. Miles automatically go to Singapore Airlines Krisflyer, immediately starting a 3-years self-destruct time bomb (expiry).

  3. I can earn higher amounts of cashback and miles with other cards for GrabPay top ups.

What about AMEX credit cards that earn rewards points? Earn rates are also poor on all of them. Find out what are the best credit cards for each category. I am holding an AMEX Rewards card just so that I can double up on those occasional promotions.

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Easy 25,333 miles with sign-up bonuses

If you are in the market for some Krisflyer miles, there are a couple of AMEX credit cards that I recommend to easily accumulate 25,333 miles:

  1. American Express Krisflyer Card

  2. American Express Rewards Card

You do not need to be a new-to-bank customer to receive the sign-up bonuses. To receive 25,333 miles, you will only need to spend a total of $2,500 across both of the credit cards above, hence, giving you an earn rate of just over 10 miles per dollar. And also, that is enough miles to fly over 10 hours in Singapore Airlines Business Class next month!

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