Singapore Airlines Spontaneous Escapes for February 2020


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It’s that time of month again! Around the middle of every month, Singapore Airlines comes out with a list of last minute destinations that you can trade your precious miles for. After releasing the official page this morning and then taking it down, Singapore Airlines have made it live again a few minutes ago. This month is special. Very special. Over the next couple of weeks (till 31 January 2020), redemptions for these destinations will cost you 51% less miles! This discount is only applicable for flights departing from 1 to 29 February 2020. Click here to view this month’s Spontaneous Escapes.

If you have seen our article on Krisflyer sweet spots, you can probably already recognize the standout deals this time round. Here we go, this month’s picks will probably be the longest you will see in a long long time.

Singapore Airlines 2013 Business Class seat

Singapore Airlines 2013 Business Class seat

Outstanding deals

Business Class
Singapore – Johannesburg: 24,010 miles

Premium Economy Class
Singapore – Istanbul: 18,130 miles
Singapore – Johannesburg: 18,130 miles

Economy Class
Singapore – Johannesburg: 12,250 miles

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Good deals

Business Class
Singapore – Bali: 9,310 miles
Singapore – Male: 19,110
Singapore – Beijing: 19,110 miles
Singapore – Seoul: 23,030 miles
Singapore – Tokyo: 23,030 miles
Singapore – Osaka: 23,030 miles
Singapore – Dubai: 24,010 miles
Singapore – Adelaide: 30,380 miles
Singapore – Brisbane: 30,380 miles
Singapore – Barcelona: 45,080 miles
Singapore – Dusseldorf: 45,080 miles
Singapore – Milan: 45,080 miles
Singapore – Rome: 45,080 miles
Singapore – Paris: 45,080 miles
Singapore – Frankfurt: 45,080 miles
Singapore – San Francisco: 46,550 miles

Premium Economy Class
Singapore – Tokyo: 16,905 miles
Singapore – Dubai: 18,130 miles
Singapore – Barcelona: 31,605 miles
Singapore – Rome: 31,605 miles
Singapore – Paris: 31,605 miles
Singapore – Frankfurt: 31,605 miles

Economy Class
Singapore – Bali: 3,675 miles
Singapore – Male: 9,065 miles
Singapore – Beijing: 9,800 miles
Frankfurt – New York: 11,025 miles
Singapore – Seoul: 12,250 miles
Singapore – Osaka: 12,250 miles
Singapore – Dubai: 12,250 miles
Singapore – San Francisco: 18,620 miles


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My dilemma

I have a 6-weeks-long Europe trip all planned out till the end of February. The only change I could have made is to pay US$40 for a change of dates on my Qatar Qsuite reservation leaving Amsterdam in late February. The natural substitute would have been Dusseldorf – Singapore. With a heavy heart, I decided not to do that as I will be flying Singapore Airlines 2013 Business Class in mid-March anyway.


24,010 miles (worth $408) for over 10 hours of Business Class to Johannesburg is crazy value. If you are lucky enough (unlike me) to still be available for travel next month, book this one NOW! If you really dislike animals, there are plenty of good deals to choose from this time round, so, eat your heart out! If you are a family man, this is a great opportunity to take your family out on a vacation. There is nothing wrong with redeeming your miles for non-premium seats as long as the value is good! Don’t forget to share your experiences with us by tagging us on Instagram. 🙂

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  1. When i search for these flights per points, it does not come in these prices, for any destination nor class. Can you elaborate how you find these deals?

    • Hi ET, you have to search for these flights on If you do not see the discounted miles, it may be fully redeemed on that date. Try a different route or date.


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