Hilton Honors: 2019 rollover nights and how (strangely) my New Year stay was credited


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I wrote in a previous article that I had spent 171 nights with Hilton as of 23 December 2019 and have a 10-nights stay over the new year. It was a stay entirely on points. Another problem with living in hotels, that I failed to mention in that article, is that you have to avoid popular vacation cities during holiday seasons as nightly rates for these properties often go through the roof. Airbnbs too! I went ahead and booked Hilton Petaling Jaya on points to cover me during the holiday madness. As a traveller based in Singapore, I am blessed to have Hilton Garden Inn Bali and Hilton Petaling Jaya fairly close to me. Both are severely under-priced when staying on points.

It is logical (to me at least) for them to credit me the nights from 2019 into 2019’s record and those from 2020 into 2020’s record. However, to my benefit, that was not the case. As I stayed more than 60 nights in 2019, I would be credited with the additional nights (up to 60) for the following year. And all 10 nights (9 of which in 2019) were credited into my 2020 records!

On the 12th day of Christmas, I have 70 nights under my belt.

As if that wasn’t good enough, I was credited with 10,000 points for reaching 180 nights in 2019! Hilton Honors really know how to keep their members happy, albeit unwittingly.

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This Christmas gift meant that I only spent 6,900 points per night in a Hilton (worth $48.30), with an Executive Lounge and all, during the holiday season. Till the next devaluation, I will prioritize maintenance of my Diamond membership with Hilton Honors over Titanium with Marriott Bonvoy.

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    • Hi M, I did a review in July 2019. I did not do a new review as the room type was the same and experience was similar (hit or miss in certain areas).



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