Deal: Double miles for hotel bookings on Kaligo


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Kaligo is offering double miles for hotels booked from today until 11 November 2019. If you do not have an account yet, click here to sign up with an additional 1,000 miles (worth $22). Click here for the 11.11 promotion.

Is this a good promotion?

It is just okay. Kaligo sometimes list these properties at higher prices. Looking at the example below, you will be paying a total of $311 after taxes and receiving 5,366 Alaska miles (worth $118). This looks like a good deal until you do a quick search on Agoda and find out that the total price after taxes would amount to just $143. I would receive 4 miles per dollar with OCBC 90°N too. I would skip this “deal” unless if I really need the miles for a redemption.

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