You can now convert InstaPoints from Amaze card into Cashback


The Instarem Amaze card is easily the best card in Singapore right now because of its innovative feature that converts all offline transactions online while also allowing cardholders to avoid credit card foreign transaction fees that typically exceed 3%.

How to earn InstaPoints

Cardholders can earn InstaPoints through the following methods:

  • Get 1 InstaPoint per S$1 spent in foreign currency (min. S$10, max. S$500 per transaction)
  • Get 200 InstaPoints per referral
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How to redeem InstaPoints

1 InstaPoint is worth S$0.01 and they can be converted into cashback. Here’s how to do it:

1) Visit the InstaPoints page in the Instarem mobile app

To do this, tap on the profile button, then tap on details.

How to visit the InstaPoints page

2) Select the amount of InstaPoints to redeem

Cardholders need to have at least 2,000 InstaPoints to redeem for cashback. Cashback goes to your Amaze wallet instantly and can be used for future spending or transferred straight into your bank account (see below).

Important note: If you want to convert your points to cashback (you should), DO NOT tap on the 5 SGD off option.

Redeeming InstaPoints

How to cash out InstaPoints

After converting your InstaPoints to cashback, the money goes to your Amaze wallet (as mentioned above).

Here’s how you can cash out your Amaze wallet balance, if you do not want to use it for future spending:

  1. In the Instarem app, select Amaze wallet as payment source
  2. Top up your Grab wallet with your Amaze card details (min. $10)
  3. Transfer the money from your Grab wallet into your bank account

Additional note: Grab allows you to transfer any amount topped up using a debit card straight into your bank account (yes, Amaze is a debit card).

Bottom line

It’s nice that InstaPoints can finally be converted into actual money!

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