Review: SATS Premier Lounge Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1

Opening hours24 hours
Time of visit11am
Date of visitMarch 2022
LocationAirside, Terminal 1, Level 3 near Qantas Lounge
Entry typeFree via Priority Pass
(from Citi Prestige Mastercard)

SATS Premier Lounge Singapore Changi Airport T1 went through a refurbishment not too long ago and I’ve finally got a chance to pay a visit.

The lounge

The lounge now has a fresh new look with some new furnitures.

Entrance to the lounge
Lounging area
Dining area
Dining area
Massage chairs
Universal power ports
Work area
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Food options

As Singapore Changi Airport is still transitioning to a post-pandemic world, there wasn’t an open buffet available during my visit. However, guests could grab some light bites/cakes from the would-be buffet area or order food from a small selection in the digital menu.

Guests can also get their own coffee and alcoholic drinks.

Japanese Chicken Teriyaki
Cold drinks

Top complimentary amenities

  • WiFi
  • Drinks (non-alcoholic)
  • Hot food
  • Shower
  • Computers

No alcoholic beverages were offered during breakfast hours.

My ratings

Peace & quiet10/10

Bottom line

SATS Premier Lounge in Terminal 1 looked great after the refurbishment and I enjoyed how quiet it was during my visit. A throwback to how it was like to travel in 2020/2021!

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