UOB Preferred Platinum will no longer award 4 MPD on contactless payments with physical card


From 22 May 2020, you will no longer be able to earn 4 miles per dollar (or 10X points for every $5 spent) on contactless payments with the physical card. To continue receiving 4 MPD, contactless payments have to be made via your mobile devices through applications like Google Pay or Apple Pay. This is due to a change in the card’s terms and conditions.

UOB Preferred Platinum Visa Card is the best credit card to use locally and is in the number 1 spot in our dedicated page listing the best cards for each category. Most stores that accept credit cards, accept contactless payments as well. This makes it really easy to earn 4 MPD on your local spending.


UOB Preferred Platinum

Earn rate: 4 miles per dollar
Min. monthly spend for earn rate: –
Max. monthly spend for earn rate: $1,000
Annual fee: $192.60 (First year waived)
Minimum annual income: $30,000


This change is nothing more than a slight inconvenience, to me. I have already added this card to Google Pay on my phone and now there is no reason to keep it in my wallet. The slight inconvenience comes when I dine in a restaurant. Upon receiving the bill, I used to pass the card to the waiter and tell them to charge it via payWave. Now, i’ll probably have to walk my food coma ass to the cashier to make the payment using my phone as I’m not sure if I would feel comfortable passing my phone to the waiter.

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