Circuit breaker: Food and groceries plan


If you are new to this, there is no better time to learn the tricks to buy food and groceries online and earn miles and cashback while you’re at it!

Takeaway food

1) Eatigo
If you can only use one App for dining, THIS is the one. If you are unfamiliar, Eatigo allows anyone to make a restaurant reservation through their app/website for free. On top of that, you get 10% – 50% off the food menu (drinks often excluded). This is usually only applicable for dine-ins at a wide variety of restaurants in Singapore from Fast Food to 5-Star hotels.

However, as we are not allowed to dine-in from 7 Apr to 4 May, Eatigo made it available for takeaways! Right off the bat, you will be saving 10% service fee which you would be paying for dine-ins. On top of that, some restaurants are offering 50%-60% off all day, every day!

Eatigo’s reservation page

Eatigo’s reservation page

2) ShopBack To GO
ShopBack To GO is little bit more complicated for newbies.

Link a card to your ShopBack GO account, pay with your linked card at the restaurant, and receive cashback in your ShopBack account up to 14 days later. This money can then be withdrawn to your bank account. Aside from the occasional 1-for-1 deals and boosted cashback, most restaurants only offer 3-5% cashback. It’s hard to argue with free money but man, that’s a lot of steps for 3-5% cashback.

Final thoughts on takeaway food
Eatigo offers a minimum of 10% discount which is deducted from your bill immediately without having to care about cashbacks and all the extra steps on ShopBack To GO. If you plan well, you can book the slot for 50% off every day on Eatigo. Unless if you have very specific cravings, you will find something you like at deep discounts only by using Eatigo.

Best card to use
Opt for contactless payment and use UOB Preferred Platinum when you pay at the restaurants to receive 4 miles per dollar.

Online food delivery

There isn’t really a go-to app for this one. There are plenty of food delivery apps offering a variety of promo codes that change every week. Seedly has a regularly-updated page that lists promo codes for a number of food delivery services.

Seedly’s list of promo codes for April 2020

Seedly’s list of promo codes for April 2020

Best card to use
Use Citibank Rewards Mastercard when you pay online for food delivery for 4 miles per dollar. Switch to DBS Woman’s World after you exceed $1,000 in spending for that statement month.


1) Redmart
Like food delivery, there are plenty of options in this area. I love Redmart’s recent measure in assigning delivery slots to curb panic-buying from Covidiots. With this change, delivery slots will be limited to specific days of the week, depending on your address. For example, if you live in Yishun, your delivery days will only be on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Customers are also limited to a maximum of 35 items, 100kg weight limit and one order per day.


2) Qoo10
Like ShopBack To GO, Qoo10 can be frustrating to use as a newbie. But once you have learnt your way around the app/website, you will find some great deals for groceries. Of course, look for those with high number of reviews. $10.90 for 500g of Japanese Scallops anyone? Remember to click through Rebate Mango for a small cash back.

Qoo10 product page

Qoo10 product page

3) iHerb
If you have not been using iHerb, you are missing out. It is one of the best websites to buy natural products ranging from chemical-free shampoo to protein pancake mix. From now till 15 April, click through Rebate Mango and use promo code BIGTEN to receive 10% off your order and 8% cashback.

Best card to use
Use Citibank Rewards Mastercard when you pay for groceries online to receive 4 miles per dollar. Switch to DBS Woman’s World after you exceed $1,000 in spending for that statement month.


Not joining the crazy supermarket queue is enough reason to take my purchases online. But the money-saving, miles-earning methods above makes it really easy for me to #stayhome.

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