Getting Started, Step 1: Is the Miles Game for you?

Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A350

When I first got started, I found out how much value I could get out of it and got so excited that I went to an IT Fair and signed up for 20 credit cards with 8 different providers. Surprisingly, with zero credit history, I got rejected by only 2.

I did not have a proper plan. It was just a rush to start earning miles and points for all my spending. I did get some sick sign-up bonuses though! And a credit rating of GG a couple months later.

It did not bother me too much as I did not have any planned loan applications coming up. After a few months of not missing my credit card payments, my credit rating went straight to AA.

Bad reputation

Credit cards also have a bad reputation as, more often than not, mainstream media portray a credit card user as someone who is cash-strapped and deeply in uncontrollable debt. Suitesmile vows to break this stereotype with our content.

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Do you enjoy travelling?

I get a huge sense of satisfaction every time I redeem my miles and points for free tickets on luxury airline seats and hotels that I would not have been able to afford.

To do this, I have to go through the small hassle of keeping track of my credit card spending and remembering which cards to use for each spending category.

Because of my love for travel, this extra work is worth it.

Before you begin: Access your spending habits with complete honesty

The easiest way to earn miles and points is through credit cards. This is because, you can accumulate them just from usual day-to-day spending. However, you should avoid signing up for credit cards if:

  1. You find yourself frequently making impulse purchases that you later regret

  2. You are living paycheck to paycheck

  3. You are not able to pay your bills immediately when you receive them

Getting in the Miles game should not mean that you have to spend more than you already do. Credit cards got a bad name because of people with poor spending habits.

If the above traits describe you, fret not, credit cards are not the only way to earn miles and points. Skip to Step 4!

If you are undecided, try reading an article I wrote about how to drastically minimize the risk of accumulating credit card debt.

Else, welcome to the Miles Game. Let the fun begin and proceed to Step 2!

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